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Fan Letters: The woes of buying Sunderland’s streaming passes

“I wish my experience of the streaming was as positive as others” says RR reader Dave Parker, who’s been having bother with SAFSee on matchdays. Got something to say? Mail us:!

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Dear Roker Report,

I wish my experience of the streaming was as positive as others.

For several games I’ve been unable to log in, missing the start of the game.

Eventually resetting password or re logging in has enabled me to see at least part of the game.

Saturday was even worse, every attempt to log resulted in the log in screen returning, a Groundhog Day nightmare.

I contacted the streaming service who offered some help, but without success.

At this point being well into the first half I said I was going off to listen to the commentary on Radio Newcastle.

Trying again at half time to follow help suggestions from the streaming service, I failed again to access the stream.

At the end of the game I asked for a refund, but was told I hadn’t followed the advice at the time and so wasn’t entitled to a refund.

So there it was ... £10 lost and no game.

I’ve never had any trouble paying for the service, that bit seems to work very well!

Good Luck to others... I hope it works for you.

Dave Parker

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Hi Dave, thanks for your letter and I’m sure it’s an experience that others have had too. It’s terrible that despite you trying your best they have refused a refund, especially as money pretty is tight for many people right now. This is the only way for fans to watch the games, and the only way the club has of making money. It would be worth you writing to Red & White Army and ask to have this raised at the upcoming meeting with the club, and I will raise it as the Roker Report Rep for Red & White Army too.

Last season when I was listening to the audio commentary via the mobile phone app I had to reset my password for the SAFSEE app every time I logged in, as my device’s password manager couldn't tell the difference between and the site sitting behind the app.

I don’t know if you’re trying to use the app on a tablet or smartphone, or watching on a laptop. Personally, I’ve always found the SAFSEE app to be an absolute nightmare so I don’t bother with it any more and just use my laptop.

This season, buying streaming passes to watch the games, I’ve had to find my own work around for what is a terribly badly designed website. This is what I do, it works for me but it may not work for you:

  • Go to the website and click on the advert for the next live streaming pass.
  • The page will always have the line “If you have previously bought an SAFSee pass you can log-in to your existing account to make a purchase.” - I click this link then enter my log in details.
  • It takes me to the “My Account” page, but there is no option to make a purchase. But at least I am logged in to the website.
  • So then I go back to the main website and again click on the advert for that day’s streaming passes.
  • Then I click where it says “To purchase a pass, click here and select the correct fixture.”
  • This then takes me to the page to buy the pass, and this has gone well so far for me.
  • On the day, I first log in to the website and then follow the link in the confirmation email to view the stream

A more general tip might be to use a password manager through your device (e.g. Apple Keychain), browser (e.g. Chrome and Firefox, which both have this feature), or third party (such as NordPass) and make sure that you update the password for in the password manager every time you change it.

But like I mentioned before, this didn’t really help with the SAFSEE app last year, so if this is what you’re using I wish you the best of luck!

Sunderland v Lincoln City - Sky Bet League One Photo by Chris Vaughan - CameraSport via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Hi hope everyone is well? A great start to the season and hopefully we push on and get out of this league, but to push on we need the right backing.

The takeover Mr Donald mentioned that is supposedly in the process of going through has be the longest in business history. Again we have silence - no updates on the situation, just the strange man Mr Storey mouthing on off what he wants to do if his consortium takes control of the club.

The great start we have had cannot be ruined by the current regime due to uncertainty and the end of the furlough. We need clarity to see where the club stands financially and is his intention still to sell, because the renewed silence is worrying.

Mr Donald has to back the club and explain the current state of the club because the uncertainty will affect the staff and the players and undo all the hard work achieved so far this season.

In this current financial climate the club is still an attractive target, everything is there: the facilities and the fan base to make it a success... that’s if Mr Donald takes a realistic offer and does not want silly money.

Mr Donald, for the sake of the fans, sell now and don’t scare off potential buyers with your unrealistic price, because you have made money out of this club.

Practice what you preach - you said you would leave this club in a better place than when you took over. History will judge your stay at the club... do the right thing for the future of the club and be a man of your word.

Take care everyone.

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I guess we just have to hope that things are being conducted as professionally as possible behind the scenes. By my mind, serious bidders don’t do their bidding in public - maybe Donald and co are in discussions with an interested buyer right now that we don’t know about? I guess time will tell.

The club have agreed to meet with the Red & White Army in the coming weeks, so I expect that will be their opportunity to update the fans of the situation regarding ownership.

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