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Fan Letters: “Why didn’t Sunderland sign Marcus Maddison!”

RR reader Sam asks a familiar question: why didn’t Sunderland sign Marcus Maddison? Let us know what you think -!

Charlton Athletic

Dear Roker Report,

How can Charlton Athletic afford to take Marcus Maddison on a free and meet wage demands yet we can’t. Parky happy to get a deal for Danny Graham who’s past his best (If he ever had one). Another thing Sunderland need a left-back yet have missed out on Mitchell and Garbutt to Blackpool! Recruitments a JOKE!

Sam Foggin

Ed’s Note [Gav]: We didn’t want him, just like pretty much every other club in the Championship and League One, which is why it has taken until October for him to find a club. Move along!

Hull City v Brentford - Sky Bet Championship - KCOM Stadium Photo by Richard Sellers/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Thought I would write seeing the number of negative letters around. And frankly, why not? We are entering an unwanted, and unexpected 3rd season in the wilderness, whose clubs we were all to ready to snigger at in the past.

However, this is where we are, and I think we should be realistic, and optimistic.

a) Off the pitch: Yes, things seem a mess. We can read all sorts of stuff about who is buying, who is not buying etc, and of course vilify Donaldson. However much he has/has not taken of the clubs parachute payment, I think back to the mess left by Short, when we wondered whether anyone, absolutely anyone, would take on the club. And we got some lower league owners who came in, sorted it out, and whilst responses were friendly, would communicate. I therefore remain grateful to Stewart Donald etc, and remember, his gamble so nearly came off. If Donald does sell, then fingers crossed its somebody with a passion and stomach for the cost of taking a club through the divisions with the greatest, longest suffering, fans.

b) On the Pitch: 3 years or so ago, we looked at football from the edges of the top table. We could compare Liverpool etc directly to the lads with performances on the pitch, and dream of a player in form transforming our fortunes, and playing international football. Now, of course, we can only dream whilst watching Sunderland lads ply their trades in the premiership at other clubs. And that hurts.

But, we should NOT compare the current lads to Liverpool. There is no comparison. We need to compare them to the likes of Peterborough, and the likes of Ipswich, and support the team from afar. In a season where we are not paying to watch in person, this really is the season to win ugly, and win dirty, so long as the points total ticks over.

Then, if we can win promotion, then we will hope there is money to rebuild.

Keep the Faith. Keep the patience. And pray for regular points however we get them!

Ian Johnston

PS: On a side note, I hope the club is getting all of its worst football kit designs out the way now.

Lets face it, when we are back in the premiership, nobody will wear a legacy Div 1 strip. So go on Sunderland, make sure all the dodgy designs are out of your system now!

Ed’s Note [Gav]: We all hope for a brighter future, Ian.

Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers - Sky Bet League One - Stadium of Light Photo by Richard Sellers/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

What insult to the fans £4K pet and can’t afford a Chauffeur - my heart bleeds.

Don’t break the law, you toss pot.

Doug Raine

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I’ll pass the message along.

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