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Fan Letters: We all want what’s best for the club

Negative fans... ‘happy clappers’... don’t we all just want what is best for the club? Email:!

Sunderland v Tranmere Rovers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I completely agree with Rob Jones [Fan Letters 02/01/2020] in that negativity in the way it is often portrayed across social media can be a cancer in the lungs of a football club. Articles which begin, “some Sunderland fans.........” must be banished to the bin where they belong as they are of the standard of incisive thinking as to promote Kevin Phillips to the helm. Just look at the managerial experience/stats reveals what utter nonsense this is!

Yes there are problems, yes, players do not turn up with scintillating performances every week. From what I have seen, the effort and fitness levels of the team has risen significantly and the recent points tally are the shoots of an improved second half.

It was absolutely fantastic listening to the true supporters at Doncaster and it was obvious the team responded.

Negativity in the way it has been voiced recently does not improve anything!

Ian Cree

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I’ve made this point several times before, but for the sake of this I’ll make it again. You say it yourself that the support down at Doncaster was fantastic - that is key. People expressing their concerns with the way the club is being run are not being ‘negative’, but are rightly holding people to account when they feel something isn’t right.

That is completely separate to supporting the team on the pitch. We all turn up on a matchday willing the Lads on to win. We all want what is best for the club.

Fleetwood Town v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

To Rob [Fan Letters 02/01/2020]...

Thank you for your timely message asking so called supporters to support our manager and especially our owner, who has carried out such a positive rebuild. He obviously cares and should not be driven out of our club, by a group of idiots who always appear to expect overnight success and believe that they know best. How anyone can consider it to be sensible to keep having a go at Stuart Donald is remarkable in its stupidity. SD and Charlie M have brought this club back from the brink after years of mismanagement for which true supporters should understandably direct their anger. I do not think you can blame SM for the clubs unsuccessful attempt of returning to the Championship in his first year. Many people if they were honest thought two to three years,, as we had to cut our cloth and rebuild dramatically. We did make the play-offs and could easily gain promotion this year, as despite our situation, the league is wide open and there for the taking. Whenever a manager takes over a club, changes will always be made. This is because managers ALL work slightly differently. This has been the main problem at Sunderland (too many managers), perhaps coupled with their abysmal recruitment and inability to grow their academy players successfully into first team players.

I believe that Stuart Donald should be congratulated, along with CM for what they have actually achieved in such a short time. A club has to have a solid base in order to improve and develop. Stuart Donald has done so much more than the previous owner in the time he has been here, than I ever imagined. He tried to be open and honest and was treated with contempt by a number of so called supporters.

Just reflect on his achievements before bad mouthing him. I believe he would be a great loss to the club at this important time. Support Stuart and Phil and I believe there is still a chance of promotion this year. Especially so, if those so called supporters get behind the owner their manager and especially their team, instead of constantly criticising and booing their every move. Stop being so vocal if someone makes a mistake, look for positives and show more positivity towards the players and support staff. Give them a chance and don’t just accept that change will automatically bring improvements. If supporters cannot understand that by now, I just wonder whether they will ever be happy!

Thanks Rob.

Duncan Ellis

Ed’s Note [Gav]: What have we achieved? You ask me to reflect on this but I’m honestly not sure what I’m supposed to be overjoyed with. Answers on a post card please.

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