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Should Sunderland sell Will Grigg to Oxford?

Would you sell out-of-favour forward Will Grigg to promotion rivals Oxford today if it means recouping some of the money we spent on bringing him to Sunderland last season?

Sunderland v Heerenveen Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Iam Burn/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Oxford manager Karl Robinson has said that he wants to buy Will Grigg. The word coming out of Sunderland throughout the window, however, is that we wouldn’t sell to a promotion rival. BUT - if Oxford are willing to take him off our hands permanently, it’s surely worth considering. What would you do - would you risk keeping him/possibly use him in the last third of the season?

Tom Albrighton says...

Au revoir William.

Any club willing to take Grigg off our hands should be welcomed for a whole host of reasons. With Sunderland still looking to strengthen in this window and various strikers becoming more available by the hour, a move for Grigg with a fee attached should be welcomed.

Karl Robinson offering Grigg a shot of redemption is a kind gesture of a man who must have his concerns, but also a great deal of belief to assume he can turn Griggs fortunes around. Whilst Oxford aren’t the most obvious of promotion rivals it must be said if Grigg can find his previous form - which hovers around 1 goal in 3 - it could well catapult Oxford forward into the business end of the season.

Griggs time at Sunderland has been underwhelming at best and the arrival of Parkinson has heralded an end to that time. Allowing him to leave to a ’rival’ may not be the worst news though. If we dare cast our minds back to Coventry’s visit to the Stadium of Light, it was a Portsmouth loanee Connor Chaplin who scored what was to be the winning goal. That match ultimately became the turning point (downwardly) for our season. Although Portsmouth didn’t find themselves promoted either, their loanee striker ensuring Sunderland didn’t take maximum points from a fixture can only be seen as a favour to his original employers. With half of the season left to play and Oxford no mugs, it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that by ’strengthening’ a ’rival’, Grigg could well do Sunderland some favours in an already tight league.

Freeing wages and a squad slot is also a short and long term benefit of the departure of Grigg. Ultimately, for all the will in the world, this signing has failed for both parties and everyone cutting their losses here will find themselves in benefit some way or another, so thank you Will, but goodbye.

Oxford United v Sunderland AFC - Carabao Cup Round of 16 Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Sean Brown says...

Sometimes in life you have to know when to let things go.

It’s only been 12 months since his dramatic last minute transfer and I can’t think of another player I’ve wanted to see the back of faster than our dear William. He’s not, as was promised, on fire... and it appears he’s about as flammable as the ocean.

Furthermore I’d argue his value to the squad is negligible to the point of ridiculousness at the moment, and his continued presence at the club is about as welcome as Charlie’s p**sed-up running commentary on Sunderland fan culture.

I don’t care where he goes at this point in time. As has been pointed out by many he’ll likely score wherever he does end up, and while that may aggravate its certainly nothing new to the fanbase.

Is his inability to prove his worth the fault of the system he’s played in, the tactics of Parkinson (and before him Ross), the weight of expectation placed upon him from the substantial transfer fee... or is it that “Sunlun” thing that nobody can quite put their finger on; with certain players who arrive at wearside with much fanfare, excitement and promise, and yet leave as broken men who have seemingly lost the will to live/play professional football at a level above National League standard?

All of the above?

Nobody cares. Unless you’re a member of the Grigg clan it’s plain to see he’s been one of the worst signings in recent history and his wages, like a few others currently in the squad, have been utterly wasted. He’s done nothing to deserve the patience certain figures have requested that’s for sure. Apparently he’s a nice enough lad, but why do we insist on paying tens of thousands of pounds a week in League One on players who aren’t fit to wear the jersey we’d all gladly bleed for? Because they’re nice to other players and staff? Because if we give them enough time they’ll “come good”?

We’re often too soft on these characters despite what they themselves may think, and as for selling up to a rival I really couldn’t care less if I tried. Sell him to anyone in any division if they’re daft enough to take him. The sooner he’s gone the sooner we can get back to forgetting he exists at all.

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