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Fan Letters: Donald in... Donald out... the debate surrounding Sunderland’s owner rages on

The hot topic once again in today’s Fan Letters is the debate surrounding the club’s owner, Stewart Donald, with mixed views on whether it’s time for him to sell up and leave Sunderland for good. Email:!

New Sunderland Owner Stewart Donald Press Conference Photo by Sunderland AFC/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

The situation at SAFC is almost intolerable, being virtually run by moaners and groaners. Of course, since time immemorial fans have felt they deserved the right to have a say regarding players’ capabilities, but the invective printed regularly on fanzine pages is, at best, distasteful.

Not that long ago Gooch was a regular recipient, despite playing through injury and pain. Now he is Sunday’s MOM. Players are not machines and are susceptible to injury and sickness. Those who consistently hurl insults at players, and management, also completely overlook a basic fact - that these people have feelings.

They should look inwardly sometimes and pose the question: how would they take personal insults on a match to match basis? Concerning the chairman I would be among those who would thank him for putting his money and expertise into saving the club. If anyone doubts the latter not only is he a successful businessman but he laid the foundations for Oxford’s recovery. Oh ye of little faith - and short memories!

Whoever replaces him let’s remember he talked of the club’s potential for eventual success, and not for lining his pockets. NOT immediate success, though we almost, almost, made it to the Championship. Incidentally, I would have liked to have known the percentage of regularly attending supporters who wanted the Chairman to leave.

Not I, for sure.

George Havelock Turnbull

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Is it not just possible that people can have a different viewpoint without being mocked for it? Your suggestion that match-going fans aren’t disgruntled is bizarre. In recent games we’ve had booing, jeering aimed at the manager and chants calling for the owner to go. I know this because I was there. I’m not saying that for one minute suggests that a majority of fans feel in favour of them both going, but that it’s ludicrous to suggest that there’s not a significant portion of supporters who want to see change.

Photo by Richard Sellers/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

[Re: Fan Letters 31/12/2019]

That fan letter sent could have been sent by Donald himself. What kind of news outlet is the Roker Report allowing this ridiculous drivel which is clearly designed to support SD?

I have run many businesses and have had many tough times and hard decisions to make, but SD is a complete novice with no gravitas or substance and the decisions he has made have been from damaging to disastrous.

His grasp and understanding of the size and passion which surrounds SAFC is clearly not something he is capable of. Which owner sells a striker scoring 16 goals in as many games and then pays up to 4 million for a striker in Wigan reserves....unbelievable...look SD just go you are a complete disaster....A complete chancer.

Ian Scott

Ed’s Note [Gav]: We published it because this is not a dictatorship. As you’ll note in my reply to the letter, I didn’t agree with much of what he said. We can’t just censor people on the basis that we disagree with what they have to say!

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