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INTERVIEW: Barnsley fans give their honest views on Sunderland’s latest signing, Josh Scowen

After receiving a glowing reference from QPR supporters, we sought out Barnsley Fanzine ‘EyUp & Down’ and ‘Reds Report’ Podcast to find out more about Sunderland’s newest signing Josh Scowen, who is very well-liked at Oakwell by the Tykes fans.

Peterborough United v Barnsley - Pre Season Friendly - ABAX Stadium Getty Images

RR: Josh Scowen, then - is he any good?

The Reds Report: Scowen was one of the unsung heroes for us during his time at Barnsley. Perhaps technically he’s not the greatest, but he is excellent in breaking up your opponent’s play. He’s a real hard-working, energetic player that never gives up.

EyUp & Down Fanzine: He’s a good player who wears his heart on his sleeve - I honestly believe that he will do well at Sunderland.

RR: What happened to Scowen at Barnsley - would you consider his time with the club as a success?

The Reds Report: Definitely. The story was that he was hoping to be nearer to family when he left Barnsley for QPR. But even afterwards, Scowen supported a charity evening we organised and as we say - once a red, always a red.

RR: What sort of midfielder is he?

The Reds Report: Scowen is a tenacious, energetic, hard-working tackler of the ball, and is primarily a defensive midfielder.

EyUp & Down Fanzine: He’s a hard little midfielder - he doesn’t shy from making a tackle, and he will be good for Sunderland having played in League One before.

Newcastle United v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship - St James’ Park Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

RR: Is he quick? Tall? A good passer? A goalscorer?

The Reds Report: Some ratings... Quick: 7/10, passer: 7.5/10, height: 5/10, goalscoring: 5/10 - though that’s not a negative, as his natural position and height meant he doesn’t often makes it in the opponent’s goal area. Although, having said that, 10 goals in 96 appearances when he played for Barnsley was a decent return.

EyUp & Down Fanzine: Quick... so-so. He’s not tall - he’s only five foot odd! Yes, I’d say that he’s a good passer. More often than not he’ll take the simple pass on. Occasionally he’ll score you a cracker, but not perhaps as much as you’d like.

RR: What would you say his main strengths are as a player?

The Reds Report: His stamina and work ethic. He’s great in the tackle, and he reads the game well.

EyUp & Down Fanzine: He does all of the dirty work, tracking back and breaking play up. He will run all day for the team.

Leeds United v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship - Elland Road

RR: Do you think he’s good enough to oust Max Power and/or George Dobson from Sunderland’s midfield?

The Reds Report: I’ve not seen Sunderland play for a while but Scowen is great at turning a defensive situation into an attacking one. He’s reliable and, like a Duracell bunny, he just keeps going...

EyUp & Down Fanzine: I’m sure that he will as your gaffer must rate him to go and sign him. He must have liked what the gaffer said for him to leave London and move up north.

RR: What would you say to any Sunderland fans who aren’t sure about the signing of Scowen?

The Reds Report: Give him time to settle and show what he can do for the team. We often described him as a no nonsense “old style” midfielder. We know Josh Scowen enough to know he’ll run through walls for your club.

EyUp & Down Fanzine: He is the type of player you need in front of the back four in League One - he does all the dirty work, back-tracking and breaking play up. Give him a chance. He will do well - he’s got the heart of a lion also and will give you 110% every match.

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