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Fan Letters: “I am DISGUSTED with the way the Tranmere v Sunderland game has been handled!”

RR reader Dave is RAGING with the FA for the way that Sunderland’s trip to Tranmere was rearranged on five day’s notice, seeing many fans go out of pocket as a result. Got something to say? Email us:!

Tranmere Rovers v Manchester United - FA Cup - Fourth Round - Prenton Park Photo by Richard Sellers/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I would like say how disgusted I am about the way the Tranmere game has been handled. It was not until after 10.30 Friday morning that it was officially announced that the game was delayed by 24 hours.

This just goes to show how much the supporters are thought of, as most of the lads will have arranged time off work etc. My mate and I go to all the away midweek games, stay overnight and book hospitality.

I stay away with my business and always book with, and got two rooms at half price but had to pay in advance with no refund. So it was £30 each for the rooms and £55 each for hospitality. Luckily we managed to get the rooms changed at no extra charge with many thanks to

Why did the FA allow this to happen?

Dave Walker

Ed’s Note [Gav]: They allowed it to happen because they have absolutely no regard for the supporters. It’s not like Tranmere is around the corner, either. People will have lost out financially on this and nobody is held accountable for it. I feel sorry for anyone who has booked leave through work, booked hotels, bought their tickets and travel only to have lost out because of the incompetence of the governing body.

Tranmere Rovers v Manchester United - FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Whatever our views about Stewart Donald, pressuring him to announce that he was putting the club up for sale was applied at the worst possible time.

The transfer window was just about to open, and we were all looking forward to signing the much-needed reinforcements we all knew were essential if we were to have any chance of renewing our promotion challenge.

What player was likely to choose to join a club where the owners appear to be being forced out by the fans and the manager recruiting them had no clue how long he’s likely to keep his job? The seeds of uncertainty and insecurity have been sown at precisely the wrong time and we’re now reaping the rewards as player after player chose to join other clubs.

I fear that the only players we can now attract are those who have no regard for the long term, they’re only coming for short-term financial gain; exactly the players we don’t want at the club!

Those applying the pressure on Donald have done great harm to our recruitment efforts and further damaged our promotion chances.

Surely they could have waited until the window closes on Friday?

Peter Tyrrell

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I take your point but I don’t agree. Regardless of Donald’s position he has a duty as owner to hand the club off in the best possible state. Let’s not forget, that he’ll stand to receive a bigger amount in exchange for his shares should we get promoted. Donald refusing to invest in January would be a huge gamble, especially when we are just a handful of players away from having a promotion-ready squad.

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