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Fan Letters: Sunderland’s Donald conundrum continues... but just how has it come to this?

In today’s Fan Letters both Jake and Will are upset with Stewart Donald’s actions over the course of the last week, whilst our Editor, Tom, cannot understand how we got to this point. Email us:!

Dear Roker Report,

I see Stewart Donald has taken the Steve Dale approach of running a football club, by solely focusing the blame on the fans. How dare he take that approach, how dare he push the blame onto the lifeblood of the club. While I respect those fans that still support Stewart Donald and co, I have to say I cannot.

He’s acting like a petulant child, just because things aren’t going the way he wants. Guess what Stewart, they’re not going the way we all want.

If he’s unwilling to act in a professional manner, unwilling to run the club in a professional manner, how about sell to someone who will do all of that in a professional manner?

Stewart has been actively seeking to find someone to buy the club off him, since the play-off final, regardless of the outcome, he wanted to sell the club. The failed attempts from Mark Campbell and FPP, It’s astounding if I’m honest, it may say something about the state of the club behind the scenes, Its time he accepts responsibility for the current shape of the club.

I’ve mentioned it already but how dare he shift blame onto the fans, how dare he pinpoint yourselves and the other fan groups as a reason he’s selling up. That’s causing more division, if anything. I would like to say perhaps if Methven was still here, he’d do damage control with the statement released, then again..... He wasn’t ever renowned for his PR skills (despite being skilled in PR... allegedly).



Ed’s Note [Tom]: Thanks for the email, Jake. I think my issue with Donald and the #DonaldOut campaign is that it should never have reached this level of fever pitch. The issues plaguing the club are pretty clear to see in that we have no CEO running the club on a day-to-day basis, and no DoF enabling the club to develop an identity and bring in/sell the players needed to bring success both on and off the pitch. Fan outlets should never have had to resort to an ultimatum like they have, and it all could have been easily resolved if Donald had simply sat down, listened and engaged.

Sky Sports

Dear Roker Report,

Hopefully our recent performances don’t undermine the disasters going on in the academy and people start supporting Donald again, we need owners who are experienced and know what they’re doing at all age groups of the club.

Will Thornhill

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Admittedly, the #DonaldOut campaign didn’t really sit well with me, but that’s because I’m an idealist and would have simply wanted Donald to engage with the groups in question and listen to their concerns. Several members of the involved groups have, however, noted that they tried to amicably discuss the issues at hand, but their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. As such, I can empathise with both sides of the divide.

Donald needs to hire a locally based CEO and DoF to help the club develop and grow. That being said, he has tried to sell the club at least twice during the last six months, so would he see that level of investment as being worthwhile at present?

We need leadership and strategy to ensure success - at present we’re stuck in a war of words with a man who was a good owner last year.

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