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Fan Letters: “We have to take a step back & look at ourselves!” - Sunderland fan Jay has his say

“I just want the fans to realise that while we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity, it could be (and has been) a whole lot worse” says RR reader Jay. What do you think? Have your say - email us at!

Sheffield United v Sunderland AFC - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

We’ve been hearing forever that the takeover is nearing completion. It’s been week after week going by and it’s always just around the corner. I’m doing my best to remain patient, but it’s getting quite uncomfortable now.

Do any of you at RR have any new info? Have you heard anything? Perhaps you know what the hold up is about?

Any information you can give us would be like a chest full of gold.

Keep up the great work lads and lasses.

Scott Smith

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Scott, cheers for the letter. It really felt a couple of weeks ago that the deal was almost done - as signalled by a host of media channels. However, things have gone pretty quiet. I don’t have any inside info, but I’m sure all parties are working to find a positive resolution. Business deals like this are complex in nature and there’s always room for negotiation - especially with so the current economic climate facing some uncertainty. Fingers crossed, mate!

Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

I hope Wednesday’s win over Sheffield shuts up the ‘Ross out’ brigade.I’m one of the last few so-called happy clappers but we have to really take a step back and look at ourselves. Calling for the sack after only 11 games when we’ve lost once. It’s ludicrous that fans think we’re going to do better than JR in league 1. Would they rather go back to how we had it before? A team full of nonces and drunks managed by a facist, a cheat and whatever Moyes was! Get a grip. I’d take a few draws in league one over being a national embarrassment once a year. I could go on, but I just want the fans to realise that while we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity, it could be (and has been) a whole lot worse. Go to the match and have a pint with the people you love and realise that just over 14 months ago we almost didn’t have a club. Now we’ve got players, a manager and owners who care. I’d take a few more draws for that...

Jay Hughes

Ed’s Note [Tom]: There’s a fine line between criticism, which is fine, and abuse. Unfortunately, social media displays all of it. I don’t mind fans pointing out the fact that they respectfully disagree with the midfield selection or Jack Ross’ approach to the game. I don’t even mind people calling for Jack Ross’ head, provided they explain their position and empathise with others’ opinions. People are allowed opinions, they just need to understand that others have their own opinions, too.

Dear Roker Report,

It has been a while since my last letter. And I feel its the right time to send one, not because we’re again having an unsteady start to the season. But at least in the capital one cup, we’re witnessing a Sunderland team that I used to love over the years. Sunderland has always been a giant killer team since I started loving the club. We would play with our heart out in big games against big teams but produce a dismal performance next weekend against a team with similar quality as ours. Even with players leaving both in and out, that DNA seems to be still here. With the amount of quality in our squad we should be bossing this league, for that at least we should develop something special to beat team around us and reach back to Premier League and it is where we can enjoy our Giant killer instincts.

Adarsh Dinesh

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Nice to hear from you again Adarsh! I think you’re right that the side need to drop this underdog attitude. I am hopeful that as we develop and improve, we create a really impressive winning mentality - here’s hoping we find it soon!

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