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Roker Report’s Sunday Brainbusters #6: Can you get top marks in our weekly Sunderland quiz?

How much do you think you know about Sunderland?! See if you can get all ten questions right in our quiz! Best of luck, ladies and gents - let us know how you fare!

Sunderland v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Answers are at the bottom...good luck and let us know how you fare!

Question 1...

1. Which central defender, previously capped by England, did Peter Reid sign for £500,000 in the summer of 1999?

Question 2...

2. Who was Sunderland’s top goalscorer in the 2011/12 season?

Question 3...

3. Who scored our first goal of the new millennium as Sunderland were beaten 4-1 at by Arsenal at Highbury in January 2000?

A. Niall Quinn

B. Stefan Schwarz

C. Nicky Summerbee

Sunderland v Arsenal X
Stefan Schwarz - did he score Sunderland's first goal of 2000?
Getty Images

Question 4...

4. From which club did Sunderland sign Jan Kirchoff in January 2016?

Question 5...

5. Which captain of Grimsby Town did Malcolm Crosby spend £650,000 to seal his transfer to Sunderland in the summer of 1992?

Question 6...

6. Which season from the following options, saw Sunderland’s highest average home attendance for the year?

A. 2004-05 (Championship winning side under Mick McCarthy)

B. 2006-07 (Championship winning side under Roy Keane)

C. 2018-19 (League One Play-Off finalist’s under Jack Ross)

Soccer - Sunderland Victory Parade
Mick McCarthy showing of the Championship trophy
Photo by Owen Humphreys - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Question 7...

7. Who scored the winning goal for Sunderland in the quarter-final of the FA Cup against Sheffield United in March 2004 to setup a semi-final clash with Millwall?

Question 8...

8. Who were Sunderland’s opponents for our last ever victory in the old First Division in the 1990/91 season?

A. Arsenal

B. Crystal Palace

C. Luton Town

Question 9...

9. Which team inflicted Sunderland’s first defeat at the Stadium of Light with a 1-0 victory in 1997?

Finally... Question 10...

10.From which club did Sunderland sign Modibo Diakite on a free transfer in the summer of 2013?

Sunderland v Aston Villa - Premier League
Modibo Diakite in action for Sunderland
Photo by Neville Williams/Aston Villa FC via Getty Images


1. Steve Bould

2. Nicklas Bendtner

3. A. Niall Quinn

4. Bayern Munich

5. Shaun Cunnington

6. C. 2018-19 (League One Play-Off finalist’s under Jack Ross)

7. Tommy Smith

8. C. Luton Town

9. Norwich City

10. Lazio

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