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Sunderland conceded a “p*ss poor” goal but we’re winning games - thoughts on Rochdale victory

Three wins from three, but another scrappy performance where Sunderland conceded a weak goal. Still, a win’s a win - what do YOU think about last night’s performance and result at Rochdale?

Rochdale v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Q: Three wins from three, but another scrappy performance where we conceded a weak goal. Still, a win’s a win - your thoughts on last night’s performance and result?

Damian Brown says...

The goal we conceded was p*ss poor and there’s no escaping that - nor is there any escape from the reality that our back line is about as calm as a raging alcoholic going ‘cold turkey’ at Christmas time. These are vital issues, the solutions to which will be pivotal in our grand campaign to break out of this division at the second time of asking.

Whether it be through imminent, urgent reinforcement or a renewed resolve to adhere to the exact commands of their coaches, we’ll know in due course.

Thankfully, we have other things that are slowly but surely becoming equally difficult to deny - namely the attacking intent of Jack Ross’s team and tactics. Three from three isn’t the end of all doubt by any stretch of the imagination but as far as the smog of distrust that hangs above the manager is concerned, those victories could be the sunlight that breaks the pall and shows the way home.

If Ross can hold this band of men together and they can hold their course in the coming days, it won’t be long before we start to witness the sort of upturn in fortune that Ross oversaw at his previous clubs, and which drew our club to him in the first place; in the hopes of replicating that tangible progression and consolidation.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? Perhaps some of us will have our fears realised as the fragile facade falls apart under the pressure. Or will we see the momentum gradually build and - bolstered by timely, effective recruits before the window slams shut - snowball into a headlong charge that powers towards our stated goal of promotion?

All I know is a pattern seems to be emerging that, if more than a flash in the pan, could be the later stages of a well devised, albeit turbulent plan.

Rochdale v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Craig Davies says...

It would be a Machiavellian-minded supporter who would begrudge Ross, Donald, the squad or the rest of their supporting brethren the satisfaction of three wins on the trot. So, for me, even the most ardent anti-Ross protagonists will have to stifle their distrust - at least for a little while.

From the bore-fest of pre-season and the nervous, tentative snore-a-thons of the first two games, it seems we are cautiously making progress. That has to be recognised as a huge positive. It buys Ross some crucial breathing space to further perfect his systems and formations, while it gives the supporters the pleasure of going home from the match or the pub with a smile on their face. In a fantasy world I’d take 38 wins from shaky and uninspiring performances if I had to.

Sadly as we have repeatedly seen, edgy and messy performances eventually have a habit of catching up with us at some point. We still look a little flat and lack a spark of excitement. Some of the players remain unconvincing. We’re not pretty to watch and unlikely to inspire the next generation of Messi’s or Ronaldo’s.

Yet, I’m pleased for Wyke, an honest pro and hard worker and it’s great to see McGeady amongst the goals. All positives. Yes, we’re a little dull, but we’re a League One outfit with League One players, so perhaps the need for free flowing and thrill seeking, goal-fuelled spectaculars are an idle day dream that belongs in a different division altogether.

For now, to get out of this league, every win is precious and has to be positively received.

Rochdale v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Chris Wynn says...

I always remember an answer Noel Gallagher gave to a journalist asking if he was happy during the height of Oasis - his answer was to state that he was in the biggest band in the world, had £20 million in the bank and just about to go on a sold out world tour, followed by “No I’m not! I want more!”

It’s a sign of the position we find ourselves in League One that this quote springs to mind as I don’t think I’ve ever known a mixed reaction in my lifetime to Sunderland winning three times in one week.

We’re undefeated, we’ve won three out of five games played, two points off top spot. That will do me nicely.

This isn’t a statement that everything is perfect but we’ve started this season okay. This League is all about scrapping when you can’t get your game plan going, and what was maybe missing at times last year.

What we need is a performance, just one, where we blow someone away. Once that comes, my feeling is that will allow the manager and players to play with a bit of swagger, as we did in the first half of last season.

We’re still to settle on our best side and for most of the team to hit some sort of form. That is some statement looking at our results, especially showing the character we did at Portman Road when we couldn’t get going.

AFC Wimbledon will be tough looking at their performance at Ipswich Town, but it’s a great chance for us to put in a big performance and a few goals.

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