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Editor’s Choice: Here are 3 Sunderland-themed articles from the past week you DON’T want to miss

Roker Report editors Damian, Gav and Tom look back over their favourite Roker Report articles from the past week - including internet trolls, Sunderland’s fabled ‘rotten core’, and the always-erudite Roker Ramble.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

After a tricky week on Wearside, Editor’s Damian, Gav, and Tom cast their eyes over articles published on the Roker Report website over the past seven days.

Here are a selection of their favourite pieces from the last week with a little piece of insight as to why they found these articles to be ones worth highlighting.


Damian’s choice

Though new to the Roker Report team, Neil’s work so far already speaks volumes for his valuable insight. The psychology of football and the fans that follow it has always been of interest to me, and if you enjoy going down the rabbit hole to figure out what makes the beautiful game tick, you can do a lot worse than to sit back and enjoy a bit of long-form from a man with a thirst for knowledge.

Gav’s choice

We’ve all heard the term ‘rotten core’ more times than we’d care to mention over the years, but how many of us have actually sat down and tried to work out what it actually means, and how it applies to our football club?

After many years of mulling over the topic, James Barron put forward his theory for what Sunderland’s ‘rotten core’ actually is, and it truly is a must read for all supporters who are perhaps looking for clarity on what exactly went wrong at our club during our years of struggle, both in the Premier League and then subsequently in the Championship.

Tom’s choice

John Crocker’s Roker Ramble is probably the article I look forward to reading the most on every week. Analysing the wider world of football, the Ramble explores some of the more obscure happenings going on in the beautiful game.

John’s dry humour always raises a laugh; however, his section discussing the plight of Bury in this week’s edition was sobering and impressive.

As much as we try and scrutinise every inch of Sunderland AFC on Roker Report, the Ramble is a welcome escape from all things Wearside. Give it a read if you haven’t already!

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