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Player Ratings: Sunderland 5-2 Hartlepool - Here’s how the Lads rated in today’s win at the AOL

Massive Lads Fan Jack Wilkinson was one of the lucky few who was able to watch our confident 5-2 win over Hartlepool today at the Academy of Light - here’s how he rated the performances of the Sunderland players.


Lee Burge: 7/10

Didn’t have much to do - though there was a miscommunication with Jack Baldwin which led to Hartlepool scoring.

Alim Ozturk: 8/10

Played well, distributing the ball comfortably from the back, and made no mistakes.

Jack Bainbridge: 9/10

Looked very good in the air and defensively. Great performance.

Jack Baldwin: 6/10

Made a costly error which forced us to concede.

Max Power: 8/10

Max looked very good on the ball, played a few key passes and linked play well between defence and attack.

George Dobson: 9/10

His work ethic was outstanding - he didn’t make any mistakes and looks a very good passer of the ball. Made some key blocks and clearly likes to work hard.

Jake Hackett: 5/10

The out of position youngster made a few mistakes at wing back.

Luke O’Nien: 8/10

Luke was very good as usual, playing some key passes and making some excellent tackles

Aiden McGeady: 9/10

Geads ran rings around their defence, caused lots of problems and scored a good goal from 18 yards out.

Marc McNulty: 9/10

The new signing was really good infront of goal, scoring three. He works hard and links others into game - potential starter this Saturday?

Chris Maguire: 9/10

Overall he played very good. Thought that he worked well with McGeady and McNulty and some of their interplay was very, very good. Picked up a knock but it didn’t look serious.

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