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Marc McNulty or Tyler Walker; who is the mystery striker that Sunderland have apparently signed?

Rumours have swirled all morning regarding who the mystery striker is that Sunderland have signed, with the two names being strongly linked those of Marc McNulty and Tyler Walker.

2019 Ladbrokes Premiership Football Hibernian v Aberdeen May 19th photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images

Speculation has been rife this morning amongst supporters over who the mystery striker that - according to Lee Bowyer - Sunderland are signing, will social media buzzing as fans attempt to identify who the next man through the door will be.

In an interview last night the Charlton manager said:

It seems like everyone we want, we get, but I can assure you that is not the case.

There was a striker we wanted but he’s just gone to Sunderland. So, we’re competing with League One clubs. That’s the reality of it. We don’t always get the people we’re trying to pursue but we’ll keep working hard and going through our list.

We’ll move on. We’ve got a lot of people that we like. There’s a lot of good players out there. It’s trying to pick the right ones and hope that they choose us over the other clubs that are obviously chasing them as well.

And with talk continuing across this morning, a picture has emerged on social media, with the poster alleging that it’s Jack Ross at Newcastle airport, apparently with Nottingham Forest striker Tyler Walker.

The 22-year old - who is the son of Des Walker - scored 22 goals last season on loan at League Two side Mansfield and has been linked with a move to a whole host of clubs this summer, including Charlton Athletic and Coventry.

Check the image below for yourself and make your own mind up - is this our latest signing with the Sunderland manager, or not?

Other sources online seem to suggest that it’s not Walker, but Marc McNulty, the former Coventry striker who is now at Reading and spent last season on loan at Hibs.

Phil Smith of the Sunderland Echo tweeted that McNulty was the man, but wasn’t sure about the specifics of the deal - an assertion backed up by Courtney Friday of the Reading Chronicle.

And eagle-eyed folk on social media spotted that the 26-year old had followed Sunderland on Twitter recently, which could indicate that a move is in the offing.

So, who knows - let’s expect that more details will emerge over the coming hours and days. Finally some excitement at Sunderland - whoever it is, they’re another attacking player through the door ahead of the game on Saturday to provide us with some much-needed competition in a position that requires it.

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