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Roker Report’s End of Season Awards: What was the greatest moment of Sunderland’s Season?

What do you think was the greatest moment of Sunderland’s season? Our panel of four Sunderland fans have picked out their nominations. Which one gets your vote?

Roker Report

Walshie says... George Honeyman vs Rochdale!

The win at Rochdale felt huge.

It felt like the win that proves the catalyst for a promotion. Barnsley had lost, Portsmouth had failed to win and as George Honeyman swept home a last-minute winner in a tricky game, Sunderland were finally in the driving seat for automatic promotion.

It put the disappointment of Wembley a week earlier to bed and the momentum felt as if it was swaying towards Wearside.

Fans spilled onto the pitch, players embraced them, it felt huge. Naturally, in true Sunderland fashion they won one of their next seven games but it was nice on the day.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Gav says... Trafalgar Square in March!

I don’t really know what I was expecting when I rolled up to Trafalgar Square half cut the night before our EFL Trophy Final against Portsmouth, but it certainly wasn’t that.

Lads fans as far as the eye could see.... flags... flares... footballs... smoke bombs... cans... people diving in the fountain... people climbing Nelson’s Column.. singing...

It was just brilliant.

That’s probably right up there as my number one fan experience ever.

Graham says... Lynden Gooch’s equaliser v Walsall!

There have been loads of great moments - more wins than usual and two trips to Wembley - but I’m plumping for Goochy’s last minute equaliser at the Bescott Stadium.

The positivity was flowing through the club for once and, despite being 2-0 down and down to ten men for over sixty minutes. the togetherness of the fans and the players roared us back into it.

The celebration showed we had a bunch of lads who cared and a fan-base who believed in them. They may have failed ultimately, but it wasn’t for lack of effort and heart and that Walsall game showed a spirit not seen in seasons.

Accrington Stanley v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Jack Ford says... Checkatrade Trophy Final!

This was my first ever time watching any match at Wembley, nevermind seeing the Lads.

While its a slightly sour memory now, I remember the sense of positivity and awe I felt as I walked out of the concourse to take my seat. The scale of the ground that you can’t quite appreciate on TV, the size of the crowd, and even the contrast between our Red and White and Pompey’s blue shirts in the crowd just struck me.

In a way, that final was win-win. Win the match, and I see Sunderland actually win a trophy at Wembley, lose and I take the piss out of Pompey for celebrating winning that tinpot thing.

We might have lost both times, but going to see our club play at the national stadium twice in a season would have been a thing of dreams in the Premier League.

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