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Roker Report’s End of Season Awards: What was Sunderland’s best goal of the season?

We’ve picked out four Sunderland goals that we think are Goal of the Season contenders. Which one gets your vote?

Roker Report

Walshie says... Josh Maja vs Barnsley!

A beautiful encapsulation of the very best of Sunderland and Josh Maja. The Lads absolutely blew Barnsley away in that opening 30 minutes, rattling three goals past the Yorkshiremen in a swashbuckling display that fans had been hoping to see when Jack Ross was appointed.

Maja’s goal demonstrated the quality within the team. A delicious outside of the foot pass from Adam Matthews into Maja, who effortlessly switches the ball onto his left foot, leaving the defender sprawling in his wake, before curling a glorious strike into the bottom corner.

It was the type of finish that only Maja could pull off and the type of team goal that only Sunderland were capable at the time. A stunningly slick move, executed to perfection.

Gav says... Chris Maguire vs Southend!

‘King’ Chris Maguire scored some absolute crackers last season, but none come close to this wondrous hit in the game at home against Southend United.

Whilst Sunderland were leading the game it was actually closely poised, and our opponents had came close to bringing themselves level on a number of occasions before a defensive mistake handed Maguire possession of the ball around 50 yards out. He strode forward under no pressure and hammered the ball home from 30 yards out, straight into the top corner of the Southend net to put the game to bed.

I don’t think there was a more aesthetically pleasing goal scored by a Sunderland player all year, and the type of strike that Maguire hit became his trademark as the season progressed.

Graham says... Chris Maguire vs Portsmouth!

It was always going to be my marra Chris Maguire - I could have selected one of his goals against Southend United or Burton Albion, which both won goals of the month, but the volley at home to Portsmouth was the most I’ve celebrated a goal almost all season.

The quality of it was superb, but the importance of it was also matched.

Jack Ford says... Lynden Gooch v Charlton!

I watched this on a sofa in the reception at Notts County’s Meadow Lane next to Kevin Nolan’s brother, and as I’d consider him a Mag-by-Proxy it made it all the sweeter.

This was the moment I realised this wasn’t going to be like the last two seasons, League One was going to be good and kind and see us storm to victory in a blaze of glory all season.

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