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Fan Letters: “Sunderland need EIGHT quality new signings through the door!”

“Sunderland need eight quality signings through the door or else we can expect to be in this league this time next year” says RR reader Adrian. What do you think - how many signings do we need? Email us:!

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

SAFC as a club were for a long time yo-yo boys.

Not quite good enough to play top flight, but the best of the rest, so were promoted and relegated on a regular basis.

We are not good enough to be promoted at the moment and stay in the Championship, never mind go further.

Those that played last season and rightly were promoted looked better than us for large parts of the season.

Where we would win 1-0 or draw other teams knew winning 3-2 or 4-0 was the only way out if this league.

Will we learn?

For sure there will be clubs that know that they can go one better and beat us this season.

Top earners ALL MUST GO FIRST. Then buy Championship hungry players warming the bench, they can be bought for less money and will see us as an oppertunity if handled correctly.

No more excuses. Learn from past failings. Take them on board and don’t be scared to loose a few more games.

If we play the negative don’t loose football this season we’ll have a new manager by xmas.

Buy from defensive great sides defenders, already drilled and proven. Creative midfield players are harder to come by, but spend the money now and build that promotion team. Be prepared for bad refs linesmen and thuggery again. After all why would that change?

Sunderland need eight quality signings through the door or else we can expect to be in this league this time next year.


Adrian Scott

Ed’s Note [Tom]: I think you’re right that many sides will be keen to go after us again this season, and might feel that they can win considering how many game we drew last season.

That being said, although a host of signings are required this summer, I fear it could well be a tricky task in securing the right personnel. It’s tough to find proven talent willing to drop down to League One - Sunderland might have to hope that Tony Coton/John Park (if the takeover goes through and he’s appointed) are capable of unearthing gems capable of growing with the club.

We do need to learn from past mistakes, but only time will tell.

Chronicle Live

Dear Roker Report,

They are just numbers. If you want some then it’s 10 in attack when we are in possession and 10 in defence when we are not. No worries then about where you are supposed to be on the pitch. Put the right people on the pitch, stop giving the ball away, stop trying to be clever, stop booting it to the opposition from the keeper, give in to natural ability and don’t confuse the issue. Simple and Pure, not e. g. read page 13 about the diamond before you go on. It’s a beautiful game, not a bleeding puzzle.

David Lane

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Whilst there is some merit to your argument that personnel on the pitch have an impact on the result, I think formation, preparation, and approach to games are incredibly important in modern football.

I think Sheffield United are a great example of a unique tactical approach leading to success. Their odd system forced their centre backs on overlapping runs out wide, and this led to a great deal of success because teams struggled to combat their effective tactics.

That being said, a blend of all the issues you highlighted with our play, and a fresh tactical approach could well be crucial to finding success this season!

Stoke City v Sheffield United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

It’s nothing new for us to drag our heels when it comes to transfers. Season after season it seems that we are linked with players and it drags on until nothing materialises. It is difficult no doubt in league One, but need to get of big wage players and get some energy and excitement through the door.

Haway the Lads.

Gary Wallace

Ed’s Note [Tom ]: I must admit that I had hoped Sunderland would have come out all guns blazing this summer, secured their chief targets early on, shifted some personnel, and had the majority of their business done by the time Portugal arrived.

Unfortunately, the takeover deal seems to be stalling things somewhat. Subsequently, the club looks to be behind other divisional rivals in terms of their summer plans.

There’s still plenty of time left, of course, and the club could well have learned from last season in their business. At this moment in time, though, it does feel like we need some excitement to get things going.

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