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Fan Letters: “The lack of information coming out of Sunderland right now is intriguing...”

RR reader Ian Park feels that the club are feeding out less information now than they did last season, and that the Sunderland’s owners should be doing more to keep supporters updated. Fair or harsh? Email us:!

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Dear Roker Report,

I am one to look forward, not back, and have read a lot about what people think - some I agree with, some I don’t. I have a few points to make. First - I know a lot is going on behind the scenes but if we remember this time last year almost every day there was news coming out from the club, which I found good in keeping everybody updated.

This year I was expecting the same, at least regular updates from owners and staff. I know people are on holiday, they all need a break away from football, but there must be people at club who could keep supporters updated?

This information last year kept supporters interested and helped selling season cards - is it the fact they pulled in extra supporters they feel they don’t need to now?

I understand they are business men and have no issue looking for extra funding but thought this was a long term project; it was never a quick fix and what club needs is stability not constant change.

I thought they did a great job last season and admired the way they gelled with the supporters. This lack of information could backfire on them as they are well aware you cannot buy your way out this league.

Recruitment is vital, but quality not quantity. If the current owners are not interested in being here long term I would prefer they looked to find someone who is. Not just someone who can give them the biggest profit - we need people who are, like supporters, here for long run.

Ian Park

Ed’s Note [Damian]: I wouldn’t overly concern yourself with transfers at this stage of proceedings considering the transfer window doesn’t close until August 31st.

With regards to your concern about general information we have to bear in mind that even if we disregard the rumours about the sale of shares and impending investors, the transition period between one season and another is pure chaos for those involved in the day to day running of any football club. The retained list has only just been released for example; Methven and co. will be spending most of their time locked in conference rooms with player agents and the individuals that represent the myriad business concerns that the club are linked to. It doesn’t strike me as likely that there’s an active priority to withhold information that we as fans should otherwise be getting.

When it comes to the matter of the owners I can only refer you to some of the recent Fan Letters we’ve published as such comments are common and if we wrote individual responses every time we received a letter questioning the commitment of Stewart Donald I’m convinced the friction burns on my finger tips would be such that I would burn off my fingerprints.

I don’t doubt we’ll see changes over the next month or so, it’s simply a case of sitting on our hands at the moment but I don’t think that’s what the club are doing. I’m sure our patience will pay off in the coming days.

Dear Roker Report,

I’m sorry but all this ‘get behind Jack Ross’ chatter is a joke.

The man has failed at SAFC. To finish fifth in this poor league is an embarrassment.

His first mistake and biggest was appointing Honeyman as captain, and his second is actually playing him. The biggest difference in the Play Off Final was if Charlton lost they’d lose all their players to Championship clubs. If we lost (which obviously we did) not one of our players would be targeted by clubs playing at a higher level.

Jack Ross has signed around twenty players at the club and, goalkeeper aside, we couldn’t give them away. To watch a team like Luton come and storm the league shows how bad we and the rest of the league were.

Ross plays his favourites and refuses to make positive subs. He is tactically clueless and Sunderland is too big a club for him. Get him out now and get a manager who knows the leagues in to give us a fighting chance.

Any thoughts?

Dan Reagan

Ed’s Note [Damian]: I’m not his biggest fan. I would tend to agree that like you I’ve had times where I feel what I can only describe as stupefied at the timing and wisdom of his substitutions and tactics. I would also lean towards the idea that considering the team at his disposal 5th in this league is an embarrassment.

Having said that though I can’t agree that he had a heavy hand in many of the players that came in, and so I don’t blame him in that regard. I don’t doubt every manager has at least some degree of influence in the acquisition of players but it’s not outside the realms of possibility that the choices themselves were extremely limited. In an ideal world I’m sure a manager would have his club go out and find the best of the best, but the realities of modern football are often something of a stumbling block.

So essentially I both agree and disagree. I think he should have done better and that the buck ultimately stops at him, but I’m not convinced he shouldn’t at least have a chance of going again with a squad that is (hopefully) more catered to the path he sees to success.

Portsmouth v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Play-Off: Second Leg Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

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