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Fan Letters: “Please get your act together in future SAFC!” - more Ticketmaster complaints...

RR reader Graeme Rose thinks both the club and Ticketmaster have handed the Wembley process poorly with their bad communication and constant changing of the rules. What do you think? Email:!

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Dear Roker Report,

Although I had no problems activating my Ticketmaster account, and I found logging on a better experience this time around, supporters are right to complain about poor customer service.

All the same I don’t think the club has helped itself either. Limiting season ticket holders to 1 ticket in phase 1, and limiting qualified supporters to 1 ticket in phase 3 messed things up for those hoping to travel and watch the game as a group. I qualified to buy a ticket but my sons didn’t as I happened to have been the purchaser of tickets during the season.

If they couldn’t go I decided I wasn’t going to go. As it happens you can buy tickets at the club ticket office now so we all could have gone but it’s too late to organize things now.

I don’t rate the following mixed messages from the club either:

- 16/5/19: “SAFC have been allocated 37,700 tickets”

- 21/5/19: speaking about phase 3 “Supporters are advised that a very limited number of tickets are available in this phase and there is a limit of ONE ticket per customer number.”

- 21/5/19: “Due to additional tickets now being made available, supporters are able to purchase up to SIX tickets per customer number in phase three of the Wembley sales process.”

- 22/5/19: “33,000 tickets have already been snapped up by the red and white army”

Given that by 22nd May the club had only sold 33,000 of it’s 37,700 allocation, I question those two statements issued on 21st May. Tickets obviously weren’t very limited and they didn’t have to limit them to ONE each. Later in the day they increased the limit to SIX saying this was due to additional tickets being made available when the real reason was the club not having shifted its initial allocation.

Please get your act together in future SAFC.

Graeme Rose

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I can’t argue with any of that. It felt as though it could have been handled loads better had the early communications been clearer.

The goalposts regarding how you could acquire tickets changed that many times that it became confusing. There are loads of people who still haven’t had their tickets delivered either, meaning they may have to get them reprinted at the Stadium.

Waiting until phase 3 before people could print their tickets at home was a big cock-up too - how many people are having to meet up with strangers down London with tickets when they could have just emailed the tickets to them?

Hopefully the club review how it was all handed thoroughly, so going forward these sorts of issues can be avoided.

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