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Fan Letters: “I’m flying FIVE THOUSAND miles to come and watch Sunderland at Wembley - HAWAY!”

“This Friday I will spend many thousands of dollars and will fly 5000 miles from my new home town of Salt Lake City Utah to London” writes RR reader Jody Linskill. Got something to say? Email us:!

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Dear Roker Report,

This Friday I will spend many thousands of dollars and will fly 5000 miles from my new home town of Salt Lake City Utah to London for just three days to watch 11 men, all of whom I both love unconditionally and have never met, kick a ball around a field.

I’ll scream and sing, shout and cry.


Because it’s what my family have done for over 100 years, because it’s what me and my brother have done for over 30 years, because you lot are my bloody family and I love and miss all of you b*stards and finally because I’m Sunderland till I die.

See you all next week in Trafalgar Square..... Ha’ way the Lads.

Jody Linskill #WontBeHomeForTea

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Love that level of commitment marra. See you in the capital!

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Dear Roker Report,

I just watched some of Manchester City’s demolition of Watford in the FA Cup Final with commentators competing with each other to find new ways to over praise City.

BUT here’s the thing. This week we heard that a UEFA investigation has found that City have breached FFP rules.

So while the commentators are praising an unprecedented treble I’m thinking, shouldn’t City’s status as one of the greatest teams ever sit alongside say Lance Armstrong as the greats ever cyclist? Surely cheating is cheating and like Armstrong they broke the rules to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals?

There used to be a club around here that was referred to as the Bank of England club but it broke the equivalent of FFP rules in the 50’s. The were severe penalties and in the aftermath was relegated, destroying it’s reputation and financial status.

Does anyone honestly believe Manchester City will suffer any penalty in these days when money and sponsorship are more important than fair play and ethical behaviour?

For me, if they have broken the rules they should be stripped of their trophies acquired during the period where they were breaking the rules. And that would just be for starters.

Alan Haddick

Ed’s Note [Gav]: It’s a great point you make and not something that I’ve given much thought. Since the Premier League began it’s been the wealthiest sides that have achieved the most success, and whilst it’s ultimately about how you spend that money and plan for the future - something City have done well - it does somewhat feel ‘dirty’ that they’ve basically spent their way to glory.

I don’t begrudge them that, because City were as low as we are not too long ago, but I do hope one day the money bubble bursts spectacularly and top level football becomes a more even playing field.

I doubt anything will come of it - they’ll probably get some huge fine that they have no problem paying and it’ll all be swept under the carpet.

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