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Roker Riches: Pompey are the bookies’ favourites tonight, but will Sunderland defy the odds?

Let’s be honest, the safe bet for tonight’s game at Fratton Park is probably the draw, but if you fancy a win for Sunderland then you can get odds of about 11/5. Fair?

Danny Roberts

I thought we were supposed to all win money when Sunderland won?!

None of us really thought the lads would win though, with most of our gamblers going for draws or both teams to score at the very least. We should have foresaw such a beautiful Chris Maguire goal though, since The King loves the big occasion. Will our pundits bear that in mind going into the second leg?

The only one of our players who won a bet last week was Graham, correctly backing Borussia Dortmund & Aston Villa to win. It’s a shame he only made a profit of £15.71 though as his other bet had a £20 stake, which didn’t come in, meaning he made an overall loss.

At the top of the table, Danny still leads the way as we approach the home straight. Will he keep a hold of it or will Gav nip back in there? Let’s see as the gamblers look to bet on Sunderland’s tricky second leg.

The Table...

The Banker’s Bonus...

If Chris Maguire scores against Portsmouth in the second leg, The Banker will give each player a free £10 treble on the EFL play off finals.

Gav - @Gav1879

Portsmouth v Sunderland draw: We are the draw specialists, after all... £10 returns £32.

Charlton, Leyton Orient, Rangers and Dundee Utd to win: I’m getting a bit desperate here and there’s not much to choose from for the acca this week... £20 returns £301.

Rory - @RoryFallow

Sunderland 1-1 Portsmouth: God I’ve done terribly this year. 1-1ing our way into the final would be so fitting though, so here’s hoping. £5 returns £32.50.

Troy Deeney to score any time: There’s not much value to be had in the FA Cup final, especially if you think Manchester City will win. I’ll take a punt on Deeney grabbing a goal though. £5 returns £32.50.

Danny - @DJRoberts22

Portsmouth v Sunderland - Draw: One of the first times this season I’ll be happy with a draw. £5 returns £17.00.

Leeds, AC Milan, Man City to win and St Johnstone to win or draw: Difficult to muster up any kind of acca this week and this is the best I can do. £20 returns £67.27.

Dan Parker - @DGP202

Portsmouth v Sunderland - Draw: We love a draw and I’d love a draw here. Think it’s going to be a feisty game but praying we can get over the line. £15 returns £51.00.

Troy Deeney to score any time: Copying Rory here because I like Troy Deeney and I like this bet. £10 returns £65.

Chris - @ChrisSavedLatin

Portsmouth v Sunderland - Draw: I’m copying Danny. £5 returns £17.00.

Leeds, AC Milan, Man City to win and St Johnstone to win or draw: Heh heh. £20 returns £67.27.

Graham - @GF_RokerReport

Second half with the most goals: Severely under-confident, but feel like the second half will be dramatic, either way... £10 returns £20.50.

Sergio Aguero first goalscorer: Feel it my fingers, my toes and my bones, Sergio will notch first - £20 returns £75.

Please gamble responsibly - visit and be sure to read the advice.

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