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Fan Letters: “The referee is total dogsh*t!” - Sunderland fans react to Portsmouth play-off win

In today’s edition of the RR Mailbag we’re discussing all things play-offs - Alim Ozturk’s red card, Andy Woolmer being “dogsh*t”, Charlton being favourites to win it all and more. Email:!

Swansea City FC

Dear Roker Report,

Yet again we have a inept ref in charge of our game. He is total dog sh*t in his all round performance. I think every f*cker is against Sunderland getting promotion. The ref was absolute sh*t, and it isn’t the first time this season.

Rob Brown

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Aye... you aren’t wrong. What annoyed me most about Andy Woolmer’s performance was that he was brilliant when he was in charge for the win over Doncaster on Good Friday.

Ultimately, it probably explains why he’s refereeing at this level - inconsistent in his performances and perhaps not used to being in the man in the middle for big occasions. Woolmer was far too quick to brandish the red card for me and it almost felt like he was enjoying his moment in the spotlight there - he had the chance to discuss the foul with his assistant on the line but chose not to, instead pulling the card out almost as quick as he could get across to where Alim Ozturk was stood.

I’m fairly confident it’ll get overturned.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I think that maybe Portsmouth’s form has dipped even more than Sunderland’s over the last couple of weeks, and they haven’t excelled in games at Fratton Park, but in saying that I think they would benefit from a very physical game.

Either team who makes it to Wembley will have a tough time against a Charlton team that is only getting better - and if Pompey and the Black Cats lack strikers, Charlton don’t!

I think that Charlton will get promoted.

Steve the Swede

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I don’t deny that Charlton are the team who go into the play-offs with the momentum behind them, but I certainly don’t fear them. They’re a cohesive unit and they’ve got a very good centre forward in Lyle Taylor but over ninety (or 120?) minutes I actually fancy our chances against anyone. Certainly, if we get there I won’t be worrying too much about the threat they pose - but let’s get there first!

PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I read a lot of the comments in the last week or so, and many of them tell of the frustration we all have over the hit/miss way we’ve played all season.

One thing we all have is a passion for our club.

We have done our bit all season and now it’s the players turn. After the disgraceful way we lost to both Fleetwood and Southend our belief is wearing very thin. Play with passion for 90 minutes every game then 40,000+ will be the norm.

Sam Lucas

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Sorry that I never answered this before Saturday’s game Sam, but I will answer you retrospectively! I think that the Lads did you and the rest of us justice on Saturday and really put a shift in. They could have buckled when we went down to ten men but we defended brilliantly, a timely reminder of what we’re capable of if everyone concentrates fully on their defensive responsibilities.

We’ve given ourselves a great chance going into Thursday’s game - here’s hoping we play with the same level of commitment. If we do, Portsmouth will struggle to beat us.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

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