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Stewart Donald Sunderland sale update: Owner moves to clarify position - NO DEAL is close

Roker Report have spoken directly to Stewart Donald this evening in order to clarify rumours that he’s close to selling Sunderland AFC.

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Roker Report reached out to Sunderland owner Stewart Donald upon hearing the news that the club was close to being sold, partially at least - exclusively revealed this afternoon by Keith Downie of Sky Sports.

When asked if there was any truth in the rumours, Donald was quick to point out that no sale is close, nor is there an offer which makes Donald “think I am best (off) leaving.”

Sky contacted Donald today to ask about rumours that a sale was close, to which Donald replied that they were not true. What he did confirm is that the club have received loads of offers, and that Donald is considering ‘all options’.

Donald has also confirmed that he does expect something to happen that involves increased investment over the summer, but he wants to stay involved, noting he loves the club and wants to help us get back to the Premier League on a sensible basis.

Donald remarked that he’s yet to receive an offer that has convinced him that leaving the club is the best thing for everyone.

He remarked that instead the likely course of action will be added investment, with Donald staying involved with the club, and that he does not need to sell the club.

What he said he does need is to find ‘the right partner’, whether that is a minor one or a major one - he doesn’t mind as long as they are the right person for this club.

Donald was, again, keen to stress that NO DEAL has been agreed, but we have had an awful lot of good offers. Instead, he stressed again that he needs to pick the right option to build on what we have done and give Sunderland more firepower going forward.

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