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Sunderland fans give their thoughts on how they feel heading into Saturday’s HUGE Playoff clash!

We asked YOU how you’re feeling confidence-wise heading into tomorrow night’s massive game between Sunderland and Pompey at the SOL - here’s what you said.

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Earlier this week, we asked our readers to offer us their thoughts ahead of the first leg of our play-off game at home to Portsmouth this weekend.

After a difficult end to the regular season, we were interested in gauging general opinion ahead of what is still a fantastic opportunity to find promotion back to the Championship at the first time of asking.

If you still have something you’d like to share with other fans, then don’t hesitate to send us an email. We publish fan letters almost daily in order to ensure that your thoughts are heard by others.

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There’s always hope, and I really hope we can do it, however even if we don’t it’s not the end of the world. It’s been a decent season after recent years, Jack Ross and the owners are building from scratch and it was never guaranteed or our god given right as some supporters seem to think to go straight back up - that’s the sort of arrogance we need to shake off! Four defeats, scoring in every game and the possibility of two Wembley finals in a season? Better than I hoped for at the start, if we end on a high, fantastic, if we don’t, we go again, as we always do!

- Ged Laydon

Ged seems upbeat about our chances, and looks at the positives surrounding this season. Do you agree with his thoughts?

We need to be up for these games from the start. The fans have done a fantastic job this season in backing this club it’s now time for the player’s to be strong and give the fan’s something to cheer about.

- Jeff Smithson

Jeff, however, points out the fact that as much as we, the fans, need to support the team; the players also need to deliver on the pitch in order to drive optimism.

I am trying real hard to keep the faith. JR needs to ensure the players move the ball quickly and play like it for 90 mins. If we play to our actual potential we can deffo see off Pompey at home, away leg we could get a draw. The final I think will be Charlton and for that we will need to be at our best to win. We can do it and it would be an exhilarating climax to a mixed season.

- Darren Walkinshaw

Darren offers an interesting insight that likely resonates with a portion of the fanbase. The last few weeks have been disappointing, but as always there is a belief that if this side can play to their potential then promotion is definitely a possibility.

Keep the faith get behind the lads on Saturday we CAN DO THIS!

- Louise Ratcliffe

Louise, on the other hand, offers a simple, powerful message.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images


Not confident at all, but... if Netflix are writing the script then revenge against Pompey, followed by PO final revenge against Charlton would be a perfect ending to the 2nd installment #sunderlandtillidie

- Graham (@ca6gel)

Graham replied to our article on Twitter offering his thoughts and hopes that the Lads can find a way to win despite the fact he isn’t feeling particularly confident.

Optimistic? No... but it isn’t all over just yet. Upset? More angry than upset... and bitterly disappointed. Determined to support the Lads? Always. #SAFC

- Andy McGuire (@RokerPark150705)

Andy also gives a realistic opinion on the situation. The end to the season was very disappointing, but as always the fans will give it their all in supporting the side.

Disappointed in the last few weeks of the season sure, but more determined than ever to avenge Pompey and Charlton for Wembley visits of yesterday/year! Haway the Lads!

- Richard Short (@richardipshort)

Hollywood actor Richard Short gave his thoughts on the situation noting how fantastic it would be to rid ourselves of historic hoodoos.

Optimistic and ready to back the lads!

Ann Alice (@blakey_alice)

Ann, however, noted that she is full of confidence heading into the play-offs!

Ha’way the Lads!

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Roker Report Website

Why worry? Portsmouth have hit a bump in the road – their end of season form was poor – DLD in the last three games so their confidence has taken a bashing too.

We have run them close at Wembley and at home and the away game was ruined by a dodgy red card. I think we will beat them over two legs.

As for Charlton and Doncaster – we have already beaten them both this season.

We should not be afraid of the playoffs.

- Wearfish

Do you agree with Wearfish? Should we be confident of beating Pompey and then whoever would potentially face us in the final?

Confidence? I don’t know how any fan can be confident about the playoffs given the standard of football that has been produced for many games, every fan myself included are hoping for the best result but cannot be confident.

- Mordey St

Mordey St isn’t very confident...

Hopeful. Promotion is very important as getting out of league 1 next year will be harder than it was this year. I am not confident because out recent form gives me no reason to be confident.

I am hopeful because we have been able to dominate teams for periods within games but without scoring enough to reflect that domination.

If we can maintain our best play for longer in each game then we should have enough to win the play offs (win at home to Portsmouth, draw away, win the final).

The other reason for my hope is that we rested some key players against Southend and if they are fit again we will be stronger come the weekend.

- XYZ321

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