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Fan Letters: “Sunderland fans walked away from Wembley knowing that they had THEIR club back!”

RR readers have Wembley on their mind today, from stories of the scenes after McGeady’s late equaliser to meeting the Sunderland players at Kings Cross. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

Dear Roker Report,

I have just read the e-mail about the son and dad going to Wembley, and just reminded me of my experience. Me and my grandad have had season tickets for 3 years (the year it all started to go downhill, call me bad luck) and we have spent the last 3 years watching the club we love in tatters. However, the good memories kept us coming back. Such a love/hate relationship.

This season, however, has been completely different. It was positive after positive after positive. I just remember this one moment at Wembley, when we equalised in the last minute. Me and my grandad were just hugging and everything seemed to stop, because all of the negativity of the last 3 years just seemed to disappear, like it had all been building up to become what it is now. A great club on its way back up. Haway the lads!

Curtis Cook

Ed’s Note [JN]: Absolute scenes. Limbs.

I wish we could’ve got the win in the end, but the memories of Trafalgar on the Saturday and that moment will live with me forever. It was amazing.

I’m glad you got to experience it with your Grandad who you go to games with, it must have been special.

From standing in anguish and hope to ecstasy and joy in seconds. A last-minute goal away is the pinnacle of watching the Lads, and thankfully we’ve had a few stormers in recent weeks (with Rochdale and Wycombe too). Watching the ball roll past the Pompy ‘keeper and over the line via Matt Clarke’s outstretched leg seemed to be about a year long. Time was almost frozen, the gasp from our end before the 40,000-strong roar seem about as a far apart as our victory over Everton under Big Sam to now.

Love Sunlun, me.

Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Just reading some comments off the supporters about Wembley.

I was personally really proud. I went with my son to Wembley, we were fortunate to meet the players at Kings Cross. The players were a class act with my boy and were more than happy to have pictures taken - they made his day special.

We were on the same train coming back in to Durham. The players walked off the train with all the supporters.

Jack Ross, the board and the players are a credit to the city - he has turned the club In the right direction. I wish them all the best.

Mark Quinn

Ed’s Note [JN]: Hear, hear. We all walked away from the weekend with our heads held high in the belief that we have our club back.

We may not have won, but the spirit of the weekend really was a microcosm of our season so far. Hopefully our quest for promotion can have a happier ending.

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