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Fan Letters: “Watching Charlie Methven’s passion for Sunderland was fabulous - it made my day!”

RR reader Paul has some complaints about Sunderland’s UK Fan Memberships and the inability to get a response from anyone at the club - but admits he absolutely loves Charlie Methven’s passion having witnessed it first hand at Peterborough. Email:

Durham Miners Association

Dear Roker Report,

I’ve ordered my new SAFC UK Membership which has recently been launched. I paid for it on the 22nd of March 2019, I’ve not received a membership card as of yet, I’ve emailed James Wallace, enquiries and supporters @, and made five phone calls trying to find out when these cards are due to be issued - and I’ve had no response from the Club.

I was wondering if anyone else is having similar problems dealing with our beloved football club?

Not knowing what’s happening is my only frustration, I just want to know that the card hasn’t disappeared in the post but no one can tell me if it’s even been sent yet.

I understand it’s been rather busy with the amount of games we’ve had recently and the club will be running on a staff for a League One setup, even with our Premier League fan base.

On a lighter note, I just want to say how fabulous it was to see Charlie Methven leaning out of the directors box toward us on Monday, clenching his fists and screaming after Max Powers goal at Peterborough - it showed a genuine passion and desire to see better times for the Club, it actually made my day. I’ll take the positives and forget about what happened in injury time. Onward and upward - keep the faith!

Paul Phillips

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Paul, you aren’t the first person that I’ve seen complain recently about not being able to get hold of people at the club. It seems they’re understaffed somewhat in the ticket office and people are struggling to get through on phones, and so on. All I’d say is to reach out to Chris Waters - he’s our club SLO and he’s fantastic. Click here for his email address.

The UK memberships are a bit of a strange one and I’d be interested to hear if there’s been much of an uptake in them. Speaking on a personal level, they seem a little poorly thought out and not really that beneficial to supporters, though if we reach the play-off final it does mean those supporters who have signed up will get priority when it comes to securing tickets.

On your final point - I agree, it’s great to see how invested our current owners are in every single aspect of the club. I think it’s fantastic just how wrapped up in everything about Sunderland these blokes who run the club are - though it’ll be interesting to see if things change at all should we fail to gain promotion, or if outside investment is found. There’s a lot riding on Sunderland getting promoted and I think it’s pretty clear just how badly they all want to see their hard work pay off.

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