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Today may well be the biggest day in the recent history of Sunderland AFC. Haway Lads and Lasses - we can do this.

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Perhaps the biggest compliment that I can pay this Sunderland side is that their ‘never say die’ attitude shines through each and every time they step out onto the park.

So many times this season we’ve bore the fruits of having that extra ten percent in us, the edge over our competitors on the day that has allowed us to do things that would have seemed almost unimaginable even twelve months ago.

Today, both the fans and the players need to take that same attitude into the game.

Come 5pm we may well be sat here deflated and disappointed - but what if we aren’t?

Until the fat lady sings we can not give up on our dream, our end goal to get out of League One at the very first attempt. Sure, we need to defeat a tough opponent in Pompey, and we need a favour from Blackpool - but it’s still very much possible.

All we can do today is try our best to win the three points we need to keep us in the race. For that to happen WE ALL MUST BE ON THE SAME PAGE.

Loud, proud, behind the team, visible, vocal and everything in between.

So let’s give today our best effort. As fans we can certainly play our part. Once the players are out there on the pitch the only way we can influence the game is by backing our team and making it as hostile as possible for Portsmouth, just like their fans did at Fratton Park.

And if by the end of the afternoon we’re sat knowing we gave it our all, we can take heart from that fact. Our focus remains clear - Sunderland still have a chance of promotion. As long as we have that, the hope remains strong.

See you all at the SOL.


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