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Fan Letters: It’s time to get over Sunderland’s Wembley loss - promotion is in our hands!

Sunderland’s loss at Wembley shouldn’t mean we lose focus - promotion is in our hands and our league form has been fantastic. Let’s smash it for the next month and get back to the Championship! Email us:

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Dear Roker Report,

Andrew White (in Fan Letters, 01/04/2019) had a lot to say and RR had a lot of comment.

It is simple: I am glad we have Ross but he is not experienced enough to adapt in response to changes in opposition tactics. So, we have to deal with games with the better players alone. And still waltz promotion.

David Lane

Ed’s Note [Gav]: It really isn’t that simple, though. The Lads work every day in training on their game and we have a full team of qualified coaches with years of experience in football. It’s their job to identify problems and ensure the team not only recognise them, but work incredibly hard to fix them. I don’t think Ross’ lack of experience is the main factor in why he sometimes struggles to adapt - I actually think he’s just very set in his ways and isn’t a reactive manager.

For example, if we aren’t getting the best out of Will Grigg we have to ask ourselves why, and how can we ensure we’re playing in a way that gets the best from him.

What seems difficult to me is that whilst we have a big squad, it’s not versatile enough. Thus, we have to play a certain way because it gets the best from McGeady, who is undoubtedly our best player. We don’t really have pace and athleticism through the middle and we’re missing Maguire, so our options if we want to get support to Grigg are slim.

Here’s hoping we have a plan for the final stages of the season. League results have been great recently and we’re one of the form sides in the division, we must focus on this and ensure we get three points against Accrington. One step at a time!

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Dear Roker Report,

Look - we are Sunderland... we are Sunderland.

If it wasn’t for heartache we wouldn’t be the team and supporters we are.

My granddad took me to my first match when I was a tot. I was hooked. I’ve been a season ticket holder when funds allowed me. However, this does not stop me from loving this team.

We need to take those jackets off and get those boots and shirts back on. Show that we can do this. Stamina for 90+ minutes and get those points to take us on our next stage.

We need to support those lads. I was there when Micky Gray missed the pen and we need to get behind Catts. You can imagine how you would feel and know how that lad feels.

Forget it and move on! Haway the lads!

Angela Dalzell

Ed’s Note [Gav]: There are some big characters in that dressing room and how we respond against Accrington should tell us a lot about the mentality of this group coming out of the cup final and going in to the final stages of the season.

If we thump them then we’ll all be back on cloud nine, with promotion firmly in sight. I’m confident in the Lads and they should be proud of the way they played on Sunday - just one missed penalty was the difference. The margins were fine, and we were the unlucky side on the day. It happens - we have to move on quickly and use that heartache as a tool to push us even farther for the next month.

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