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Roker Riches: Sunderland are the bookies’ favourites to beat Doncaster, but is that cut and dry?

Sure, Sunderland are the firm favourites to win tonight’s game with fellow promotion hopefuls Doncaster in the eyes of the bookmakers, but will it really be as simple as that?

Danny Roberts

I don’t think I need to tell you that no one predicted a 5-4 defeat for our game against Coventry. Still, despite four of our gamblers losing money, there was some joy for Dan and Graham.

Two losses meant that Dan only brought in £6.50, thanks to his Banker’s Bonus free bet coming in, but Graham really raked it in. A profit of £103 brings his total to over £200 now which is great goings since he was in the red not too long ago!

Towards the bottom the table, Chris plunged himself into further debt (obviously) and Rory isn’t look too clever after falling below the £50 mark. Wins are needed for both of those players especially, let’s see if they’ll resurrect their balances over the Easter period...

The Table...

The Banker’s Bonus...

If Sunderland win both of their games over the Easter weekend, The Banker will give each pundit a free £10 on Manchester United vs Chelsea.

Gav - @Gav1879

Sunderland v Doncaster - Lads to win & under 2.5 goals: I can’t see Jack Ross allowing his players to be anywhere near as expansive or as open in this game. It’s got 1-0 or 1-1 written all over it, but I’ll gamble on us somehow winning. £10 returns £42.

Fourfold: Wolves, Swansea, Coventry and Celtic. £30 returns £232.

Rory - @RoryFallow

Sunderland to win and BTTS: Wow, I’ve really done terribly this season. Let’s try and make my balance look respectable with a nice simple selection. £10 returns £37.50.

Treble: Wins for Watford & Bournemouth against already relegated Huddersfield & Fulham, topped off with Wolves beating Brighton. £10 returns £51.90.

Danny - @DJRoberts22

Sunderland vs Doncaster - Draw: I think we’ll continue to do what we have all season and bottle the chance to cement our place in the automatics. £5 returns £18.

Treble: I’m going to punt for Bournemouth, Wolves and Mansfield to all pickup home wins that’ll hopefully get me back on winning ways and put some pressure on Gav. £20 returns £89.76.

Dan Parker - @DGP202

Sunderland to win and BTTS: I’ve not had the strongest year here. But my luck is about to turn, starting with this bet. The Lads need a win and will get a win... the hard way as usual. £20 returns £75.

Fivefold Acca: This week I’m going for wins for Bournemouth, Madrid, Lazio, Juve, and Bayern. £10 returns £58.11.

Chris - @ChrisSavedLatin

Sunderland to win and BTTS: Right, I’ve gave everyone a canny head start this season but now it’s time to win back all the money I’ve lost. £50 returns £216.66.

Burton, Preston, Leeds & Swansea to win: You’re right, it is gonna be a good friday when this acca comes steaming in. £50 returns £506.64.

Graham - @GF_RokerReport

Sunderland to lose: Yes, believe it or not, I’m going against the Lads. I’m super under-confident and with Herbie Kane John Marquis back for Donny, I think we’ll lose our second game in a row. £5 returns £20.

Coventry, Bournemouth, Bayern & Leverkusen to win: Standard double English game plus my expert knowledge of the Bundesliga is a little more risky this week, but I still fancy my chances to further improve my winnings. £30 returns £139.03.

Please gamble responsibly - visit and be sure to read the advice.

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