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Roker Park latticework makes a comeback - and MORE flags ordered in time for Sunderland v Donny

The Red & White Army’s fan flag display will be ramped up a notch for Sunderland’s game with Doncaster on Friday, with 30 large flags and Roker Park-style latticework boards installed to add vibrancy and colour to the Roker End.


Following on from their successful first display last Saturday at the start of Sunderland’s home clash with Coventry, the Red and White Army atmosphere group will increase the volume of their contribution for this Friday’s game against Doncaster Rovers.

THIRTY additional large red and white flags will be in place in the Roker End for supporters to wave as the teams emerge from the tunnel alongside the vast array of flags which were already in place last weekend - giving the south side of the Stadium of Light colour, vibrancy and presence whilst the Lads sprint out to be greeted by Sunderland’s passionate fanbase.

In addition, the famous Roker Park latticework has been brought back to life in the form of beautifully printed boards which will be permanently fixed around the middle of the Roker End as of this Friday, further adding to the identity of the stand whilst harking back to a much-loved feature of Sunderland AFC’s former home.

Speaking to Roker Report, coordinator Jordan Nicholson was keen to extend his thanks to everyone who embraced last Saturday’s display:

To everyone that helped out in our first display against Coventry, RAWA would like to extend a huge thank you.

You answered our call and made our first ever flag display a success and it will only get bigger and better from here.

As Saturday showed we have a good core team and we are still looking to build that even further. To anyone that is thinking about getting involved, we encourage you to get in touch.

Our team enjoyed themselves on Saturday and watching those flags flying high (red or otherwise) seemed to give everyone involved an immense sense of pride. At times, even goosebumps!

There was a noticeable improvement in the pre-match atmosphere, (and during until the madness started), so if you want to be part of that, then get in touch and be part of the growing RAWA group.



- Contact the Red And White Army (@RedAndWhite2017) or Jamie (@JL_1973) via twitter.

- You will be required to meet approximately 2 - 3 hours prior to kick off (subject to change depending on kick off times).

- You will join members of the Red and White Army who will coordinate the set up working alongside a team of volunteers.

- You will be free to remain inside the stadium or exit the stadium and re-enter closer to kick off with a valid match ticket.

- Approximately 30 minutes before kick off you will meet the team of volunteers again at a designated point in order to oversee the display. This may involve deploying one of our surfers or communicating with supporters in the Roker End to ensure everyone is aware of the process.

- As the game kicks off you will support members of the Red And White Army in tidying away certain aspects of the display, and then you are free to return to your seat and enjoy the game.

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