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Roker Rapport Podcast: Sunderland Chairman Stewart Donald returns to chat all things SAFC!

Stewart Donald returned to the Podcast studio to give us an update on all things Sunderland AFC, from player contracts to stadium naming rights, and what the board’s plans are for the future! You can listen for free on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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Danny Roberts

What are we talking about?

  • Wembley; Stewart shares his reaction and experience of that weekend in London;
  • Looking towards next season; What are the clubs plans looking ahead when it comes to transfers, and current player contracts?
  • Transfer targets; Will jack Ross be given the funds to bolster the squad in the summer, if so how much can we expect him to be given, and how will the funds be raised?
  • Commitment; Stewart outlines Sunderland’s new contract policy, and explains why he’s made this decision.
  • Sartori; How much of a role is he likely to play in the imediate future?
  • The gauntlet has been thrown down; Stewart challenges Charlie to the halftime challenge.. No rules.. Pint optional...

All this and much, much more! A truly fascinating insight into the running of the club, and the current mindset of our owner. Listen In!

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