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Roker Riches: Sunderland are evens with the bookies to win today - will Coventry upset the odds?

Sunderland may be favourites today but standing in their way are an old enemy relishing the chance to hinder our automatic promotion chances. Here’s this week’s Roker Riches - our tips are often terrible, follow them at your peril!

Danny Roberts

So after having a new gambler go top last week, it’s all changed now!

Poor Danny, he only got one week in top spot. It wasn’t a commanding lead but it was enough to make you think he could hang on for a few weeks at least. Then Gav came along and won a massive acca, almost doubling his entire balance. Standing on just over eight hundred quid, Gav might just have this year’s Roker Riches sewn up.

You never know though, especially if one of our pundits goes for something out of the box this week. Our players also have a Banker’s Bonus to play with this week, a free £20 double on the Championship fixtures, so there’s the chance for some risk free betting. If used cleverly, this could really shoot one of the players up the table...

The Table...

The Banker’s Bonus...

If Sunderland beat Coventry City and Barnsley fail to win, The Banker will give each gambler a free £10 bet on Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur.

Gav - @Gav1879

Sunderland v Coventry - first goal between 16-30 mins: I genuinely have no idea how it’ll go this weekend for Sunderland - Coventry just seem like the type of side we’d slip up against. With the pressure on I’m starting to feel the nerves... £10 returns £41.

Fourfold: Everton, Swansea, Forest Green and Lincoln. £20 returns £217.

FREE BET: Birmingham, West Brom and Sheffield United. Decent odds considering they’re all favourites... £20 returns £146.25.

Rory - @RoryFallow

Sunderland to win, BTTS: I have to go for it so I’m putting a bigger stake than usual down here. Our defence are always susceptible to conceding but our attacking strength will hopefully be too much for Coventry. £20 returns £80.

Fleetwood to beat Barnsley: Not too confident with this one but given Barsnley’s recent form, you never know. Plus, Fleetwood are good odds at 4/1. £10 returns £50.

FREE BET: Sheffield Wednesday & West Brom to win. Taking a big risk with Sheffield Wednesday being away to Leeds but given it’s a risk free bet, I might as well go for something with big odds. £20 returns £253.40.

Danny - @DJRoberts22

Sunderland to win: We have to win on Saturday! £5 returns £8.75.

5 fold: Leicester to beat the barcodes tonight, Burnley to end Cardiff’s hopes of Premier League survival tomorrow, Derby & Sheffield United to keep their promotion hopes alive with home wins in the Championship and Lincoln City to confirm promotion to League One with a win against Cheltenham. £40 returns £494.94.

FREE BET: Stoke City and Middlesborough to pick up home wins. £20 returns £68.25.

Dan Parker - @DGP202

Sunderland to win: Nice and simple and a lot of money to back it too. £40 returns £70.

Rickie Fowler E/W at the Masters: having no luck with football so I’m going for my boy Rickie who won me a lot of money last year. £6 E/W returns £160.48.

FREE BET: Aston Villa and Derby County to win. Should be easy money! £20 returns £52.20

Chris - @ChrisSavedLatin

Sunderland v Coventry - first goal between 16-30 mins: I’m just copying Gav’s bets. Hey, it could work... £20 returns £82.00

Fourfold: Everton, Swansea, Forest Green and Lincoln. £40 returns £434.00

FREE BET: Birmingham, West Brom and Sheffield United. £20 returns £146.25

Graham - @GF_RokerReport

Sunderland and Coventry draw: I have a sneaky feeling this may be another 1-1, let’s hope I’m wrong. £5 returns £17.50.

Leipzig, Dortmund, Derby and Villa to win: My usual double Bundesliga, double English games should serve up some dollar. £10 returns £57.54.

Leeds and Boro double: Just a hunch. £20 returns £61.33.

Please gamble responsibly - visit and be sure to read the advice.

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