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Roker Roundtable: The Sunderland players need our backing - get yourself to the SoL if you can!

Our writers give their views on why they’d urge Sunderland fans capable of getting to the SoL to do so. Promotion is in our own hands, so let’s do our bit and help get the Lads over the finish line. What do you reckon?

Roker Report

Q: In keeping with the club’s #FireUpTheCity initiative... what would you say to the fans who are staying away from home games but may be considering coming to the final few home games of the season?

James Nickels says...

If fans stay away, that’s their prerogative. No Sunderland fan is in a situation to judge another, especially with the economic uncertainty that may wreck the country in the coming months.

That being said, the Lads need our backing. There are only three home games remaining, all against solid teams pushing for promotion via the playoffs or automatically.

We got just under 30k against Burton on a midweek, so let’s all get down to the SoL and back the Lads. The atmosphere was somewhat flat for the game and we really need to pick it up to ensure the SoL remains a fortress for the remainder of the campaign.

Bradford and Luton saw attendances of 46k and 38k respectively, and with the backing the players got it was self-evident it’d have taken almighty away performances for either team to get three points.

If you haven’t been recently, fair enough. But I implore you to get behind the players, get the SoL rocking and put them in a place to take as maximum points as possible.

Gav says...

I concur with James - if people don’t want to come then that’s totally their prerogative.

But if anyone is on the fence and not sure about whether they should come for the final few games then I urge them to do so. After all, it’s not often you get to say Sunderland win most of their games - the season is almost over, make the most of it!

Then there’s the flag display which we’ll see starting from the Coventry game, and of course the pursuit of that final promotion spot which is sure to be exciting if nowt else.

The lads need us. They need you. Please, if you love Sunderland and you can be there, make sure you come along - every space in the stands that is filled is an extra voice showing support and getting behind the team.

Tom says...

As an exile, this moment in the club’s history is both exhilarating and also tough - in a rather selfish way.

The thrill of new ownership who seem to speak with common sense and a genuine understanding of what needs to be improved is cause for huge optimism. In Jack Ross we have a relatively youthful manager who has, with his backroom staff, seemingly turned the club a full 180. The side plays with passion, they love the fanbase, and they give their all even if they come up a little short at times. In my opinions, it has been a fantastic year so far.

However, as an exile you feel like you’re on the outside looking in. I watch all the games, I write about the club on a daily basis, I read everything I can get my hands on, I have memorabilia - I have a link to my heritage, culture, and people. But I’m not quite fully part of it.

I don’t get to have a few pints with my mates on the weekend before heading over to the match and shouting until I’m hoarse. I don’t get to throw limbs whenever one of the Lads tucks the ball away. I don’t get to join in with the chants, and songs, and general lunacy that being at a Sunderland match brings. And that’s really tough. No matter how many SAFSee passes or International Memberships are available, you’re never really there.

As such, I’d implore anyone reading this to get to the match if you are able to. Our fans have been magnificent this season, and this is our chance to push the Lads back into a position where we can develop and grow moving forward.


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