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Sunderland fans seem confident we’ll get promoted - but is title challenge just out of reach?

After Sunderland’s draw on Tuesday with Burton we asked our readers how they felt the result would affect the rest of the season. Here’s a selection of YOUR thoughts!

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Earlier this week, after a 1-1 draw at home to Burton, Sunderland cashed in on one of their games in hand and edged ahead of Barnsley into second place.

As such, we reached out to you asking whether that result had changed your perceptions on how Sunderland’s season would conclude.

A poll embedded within the article provided clear indication of where you thought Sunderland would finish in the league, and the results were fairly comprehensive. 77% of you stated that you thought second place beckoned for Sunderland. Around 4% of you thought the title could well be making its way to Wearside, and 19% thought the play-offs beckoned for Ross’ men.

Reaching out for your opinions on the matter, an enormous amount of people suggested in simple terms that promotion of some description was still very much on the cards. Below is a variety of responses from across our channels.


Definitely! We’re on a long unbeaten run and I think the result at Wembley and losing on penalties has galvanised the players. We’re averaging 2 points per game which if we continue should be enough.

- David Watson (@davidwatson14)

David is pretty certain promotion is on the cards, do you agree that the players have seemed galvanised since Wembley?

No, we lack killer instinct and draw too many. I hate to be negative but for the money, I expected more from the strikers.

- Paul Fury (@paulfury2702)

For the sake of equality, we had to show one or two slightly negative takes, and Paul thinks our low-scoring strikers could well signal a failure to find promotion.

I think the professional manner we have gone about this season will stand us in good stead. I’ve been impressed how we bounced back from the defeat at Wembley and I think the answer to your question hinges on Portsmouth at home.

- Richard Dawson (@RWMDAWSON)

Richard points to the Portsmouth game at home on April 27th as critical to any success. Can the Lads overcome their Wembley nemesis in the search for automatic promotion?


We definitely missed McGeady, Grigg looks like he is playing with an injury, actually thought Wyke had a good game and is finally starting to show passion. Referee was shocking to put it mildly. Would like to see a bit more intensity when we have teams on back foot. Ours to throw away now. KTF

- Brian Bonner

Several people noted that the absences of key players had a major impact on the game against Burton, but Brian’s point about the Lads needing to take the game to the opponent and force them onto the back foot - especially at home - seems a fair comment, right?

The Lads are working their socks off but the volume of games are taking their toll with new injuries every week. There are no easy games left but that goes for the teams around us too. Anything could happen and one lapse in concentration could be devastating for our promotion hopes. That said, the Lads coming in are doing a great job and when McGeady and Maguire are fit things will look a lot better. It’s squeaky bum time for sure but I think we will just scrape through. Sunderland always do it the hard way.

- Mark Langton

Another fan highlighting the effect of injuries. Hard work will be crucial, but how big a role will Aiden McGeady and Chris Maguire potentially have on our final position?

Not confident at all. Teams ‘up their game’ playing us and there’s not many sides on our run in that haven’t got anything to play for. Play-offs I suspect.

- Dave Mitcheson

Dave, on the other hand, isn’t as confident that we’ll find automatic promotion due to the fact that we have a rather tricky fixture run in. Will we emerge victorious?

Roker Report Website

Until last night [Tuesday] I was hopeful of us catching Luton, that has unfortunately changed. Auto is still on the cards but performances will have to improve because there are plenty of challengers, not getting beat by Pompey is vital.

- Mordey st

Mordey felt like Tuesday’s draw could well have signalled the end of Sunderland’s title aspirations, but notes how crucial the Pompey game will be. Can we catch Luton?

I think Saturday will be another big test. Another game with only 3/4 days rest. If we can grind out a win it will be massive.

We then have good breaks between the Doncaster and Peterborough games. The lads need a bit of rest. I think that was evident by the sloppiness from Baldwin and Flanagan against Burton.

- Hmmsafc

Hmmsafc, however, thinks rest could well prove to be vital. If we can get through this weekend’s game with a win, then the extra rest could aid our preparations. Has our fixture congestion in the past week taken its toll?

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