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Sunderland owner Stewart Donald returns to the Roker Rapport Podcast - SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS!

Sunderland AFC owner Stewart Donald will sit down with us this weekend to record another extra special edition of the Podcast - and we want YOUR questions so we can put them to him.

Danny Roberts

It’s that time again - this coming weekend we’ll welcome Sunderland AFC owner Stewart Donald back to the studio for another extra-special edition of the Roker Rapport Podcast.

We want to put as many questions as we possibly can to Stewart that have been submitted by our readers, listeners and social media followers so that we can cover off as much as possible.

Stewart is always incredibly open and honest whenever he joins us, so this time will be no different.

So - if there’s anything at all that you’d like to hear him discuss or answer, please get in touch either on Facebook (click here & reply), over on Twitter (click here & reply), over on Instagram (click here & reply), or on the ReadyToGo forum thread (click here & reply).

You can also leave your question in the comments section below this article - just make sure you sign up to a Roker Report account and we’ll be sure to include as much as we can.

We’re aiming to release the show on Sunday, but the official time will be confirmed in due course.

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