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“I’m Sunderland til I die - the events of this past weekend reminds us of why we do it”

Money can’t buy experiences and taking over the biggest city in England for the weekend - Sunderland’s failures on the big stage don’t embarrass us but instead remind us of why we follow this fantastic club all over the land.

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1985, 1990, 1992, 1998, 2014 and now 2019.

Add it to the list where Sunderland have failed at Wembley.

That “failure”, though, is glorious and not in a defeatist way.

It’s purely romantic in the sense of “this time might be different.” Yesterday it wasn’t different, but there was the suggestion of possibility that made you believe it was on.

Aiden McGeady pinging that free-kick in to the top corner was arguably enough.

It doesn’t matter though, because it’s not about the destination. The weekend leading up to this final has made everything worth it. From suffering the ignominy of double relegations to struggling against jobbing League One sides - this past weekend reminded you of just why you do it.

It’s a shame about the result but those two goals are moments that we will all talk about for years. Moments that money cannot buy. Moments that redefine that those who don’t follow a football team are living a hollow existence.

Sunderland til I die. I wouldn’t change it for anything and the glorious defeats just makes it even more worthwhile.

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