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Roker Report’s Brainbusters #12: Challenge your mates; take part in our Sunderland/Wembley quiz!

Ahead of the journey down to London here’s a bit of Sunderland cup final trivia to test what you and your pals know. Best of luck ladies and gents - let us know how you fare!

Sunderland AFC

The answers are at the bottom - good luck and let us know how you get on...

Question 1...

What mix-up occurred during the presentations at the 1992 FA Cup final that the players had to rectify themselves on the pitch?

Question 2...

How many Sunderland players played in both the 1990 Play-Off final vs Swindon Town and the 1992 FA Cup final at Wembley and can you name them?

Question 3...

What was the name of Sunderland’s FA Cup record ahead of the 1992 FA Cup final?

A. “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”

B. “We’re On Our Way”

C. “Sunderland For the Cup!”

Paul Bracewell in the 1992 FA Cup final vs Liverpool

Question 4...

True or False? – No Sunderland player received a yellow card during the 1973 FA Cup final?

Question 5...

Which striker (and first ever black player to play for Liverpool) was Sunderland’s only named substitute for the 1985 League Cup final?

Question 6...

How many loan players were included in Sunderland’s squad (including substitutes) for the 2014 League Cup final defeat to Manchester City and can you name them?

Wembley 2014 - Two Years On

Question 7...

As a result of the good faith showed between the two sets of supporters during the 1985 League Cup final between Sunderland and Norwich City, what trophy has been contested every time the two clubs have met in competition since?

Question 8...

In what minute did Ian Porterfield score the winning goal in the 1973 FA Cup final?

A. 22nd minute

B. 32nd minute

C. 42nd minute

Question 9...

Who was Sunderland’s captain during the 1973 FA Cup final and ultimately lifted the FA Cup?

And Finally - Question 10...

What was the half-time score during the 1998 play-off final vs Charlton Athletic that ended in a 4-4 draw after extra-time?



1) Sunderland were presented with the winners medals and Liverpool players were presented with losers medals, the players swapped medals on the pitch when the mistake had been noticed.

2) 6 – Tony Norman, Paul Bracewell, Gary Bennett, Gary Owers, Gordon Armstrong & Brian Atkinson

3) A. “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”

4) True

5) Howard Gayle

6) 5 – Marcus Alonso, Sung-Yeung Ki, Fabio Borini, Ondřej Čelůstka, Santiago Vergini

7) Friendship Trophy

8) B - 32nd minute

9) Bobby Kerr

10) Charlton Athletic 1-0 Sunderland

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