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Fan Letters: “Can someone tell me what Sunderland co-owner Juan Sartori actually does for us?!”

Juan Sartori has cut a largely mysterious figure since it was announced that he had taken control of a small stake in Sunderland, and RR reader John Edwards wants to know what his role actually involves. Email us: and we’ll publish your letter in a future edition!

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

What does Juan Sartori actually do? Is anyone else confused by his involvement?

I know some things are left unsaid for good reasons but I don’t understand why the club made a big deal out of him being at the Charlton game (home and away - he took part in a penalty shoot out on the pitch at The Valley)... is he just a silent partner, sat waiting in the wings? How involved is he day to day? Is he just paying a few bills?

I know that this is a bit of a minor issue really but I can’t help but wonder. I saw a news story earlier about him taking a break from his presidential campaign to be there and it just made me wonder what it is he actually does? If anyone can help me work this out then please do.

John Edwards (FTM)

Ed’s Note [Gav]: The club did indicate that Sartori was working on getting South American youngsters across to us for trials but I don’t know if anything actually came of that. Other than that... I have no idea. I presume he’s there to help us find new investment if we get promoted. He’s a shrewd and active businessman - I’m hoping he’ll have a lot of contacts, people who can help Sunderland to grow in the future.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I can’t wait for this weekend like. The football is only part of it. What an amazing experience it is heading to London for a final. The night before on the drink with the Lads fans, the crack, the throng of red and white shirts passing down Wembley way...

Can’t beat it, man. This is proper football. This is what it means to be a mackem.

I wouldn’t trade being a relegation threatened Premier League side for this. Watching your team in high stakes games for trophies is class man. I couldn’t care less what fans of other clubs think, this is something for Sunderland fans to be proud of.

Haway.... bring on Saturday!

Scotty Brighton, Durham

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Hear, hear! I can’t wait to pack my bags and get in the taxi to the train station. I’m literally counting down the minutes until Friday... It all feels like a reward of sorts for putting up with all the rubbish over recent years. If you can’t enjoy watching your team at Wembley then you need to pack in watching football in my eyes.

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