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“We’d be better off with Kimpioka!” Sunderland fans offer thoughts on Wembley striker situation

Earlier this week we asked our fellow supporters whether or not they thought that Sunderland boss Jack Ross should tinker with his forward line and tactics ahead of the EFL Trophy final. Here’s what YOU had to say...

Earlier this week, we posed the question as to whether Jack Ross should tinker with his tactics going into our EFL Trophy final against Portsmouth next weekend.

The article was designed to instigate constructive debate among our readers - and Sunderland fans across multiple platforms offered their views on the question posed.

Some supporters felt that Jack Ross could well be making a shrewd move in reappointing Charlie Wyke to support Will Grigg’s efforts up top; however, generally most fans saw the idea as one that would not be beneficial to the Lads’ chances of winning silverware.

Here’s a sample of some of the best comments we received - keep a look out for similar articles in the coming weeks - we’ll be sure to highlight your input, so get involved!

Does Grigg need support?
Chronicle Live

Yes, Tinker!

With Maguire being out and no one seemingly good enough to play the ‘number 10’ role, I definitely feel like Wyke should start. We should play to Grigg’s strengths, especially on a big pitch like Wembley where he can get in behind the Pompey defence!

Jay Watson - Facebook

Yes, Charlie had his best game last time out, he is good at holding play and creates a good link for Grigg. As Charlie hasn’t had a great time this far, we should use his last game as something to build on.

Darren Walkinshaw - Facebook

Both Jay and Darren suggested that bringing Charlie Wyke into the squad could well aid with Grigg’s chances of finding the goals required to secure silverware. For Darren, it was a case of building on a positive performance last weekend, whereas Jay was keen to see Wyke help create space for Grigg to move into.

Does Grigg need a partner to help create space for him?
Image: Getty Images

No, stick with the current style!

Hell no, Stanley swamped us in midfield first half at the SoL; when we had two up top, we found ourselves 0-2 down. Keep the 4-5-1 and bring Wyke on in the last 20 when players start getting a bit leggy.

Kristofer Thomson - Facebook

Nah - I don’t think this is a game for experimentation. Maybe if the game is tight late on we can do it, but for the first 60 minutes or so I’d look to stick with a familiar style of play. Get McGeady and Honeyman close to Grigg and use Gooch down the right to utilise the space.

Gav - Twitter

Both Kristofer and Gav weren’t particularly taken with the idea of switching things up. For Gav it was a case of sticking with a tried-and-tested approach, and for Kristofer it was a case of not having faith in the Lads being capable of controlling the middle of the park if they expend a central midfielder for a forward.

Seems to be predicated on an accidental flick that Grigg took off with and scored. An entire article asking if we should play Wyke and Grigg together based on something Wyke did by accident. Is that what we should do? Something based on an accident?

Wyke did not make a tremendous flick on assist. He tried to control it with a touch, couldn’t control it, then Grigg and Wyke almost ran into one another, Grigg took it and does what he does, score. You would think, based on all the talk about this, that Wyke sucked in all the defenders and layed an amazing, world class flick on to Grigg into space. Wyke should be nowhere near the starting lineup in the final.

I honestly think we’d get much more out of pairing Kimpy with Grigg than we would with Wyke. At least Kimpy shows us something when he plays.

Haway the Scott - Roker Report Website

Missing the point a little - how is there any difference in one man up front not getting any service, change to two men up front not getting any service?

The difference in our fortunes was not the change in forward line but the change in midfield and how we moved he ball forward.


Angry Joe - Roker Report Website

Both Scott and Joe highlighted other issues that they felt highlighted the need to keep Charlie Wyke out of the starting XI. Scott suggested Wyke’s assist for Grigg was a fortuitous moment that doesn’t deserve a great deal of credit and stated Benji Kimpioka would be a better option if Ross was to change tact. Joe, on the other hand, suggested the fault with some of Sunderland’s displays stems from the lack of a midfielder capable of linking with Sunderland’s attack.

Agree with the views on offer?

Let us know your thoughts either by commenting on our articles or via social media, and we’ll continue to promote your opinions in future articles just like this one!

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