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Roker Report’s Sunday Brainbusters #10: Test your knowledge in our weekly Sunderland quiz...

Here’s our weekly Sunderland related quiz to get your brain moving on this fine Sunday morning. Best of luck, ladies and gents - let us know how you fare!

Lee Clark of Sunderland and Mark Kinsella of Charlton Athletic

The answers are at the bottom - good luck and let us know how you get on...

Question 1...

Which striker, signed by Sunderland in 1991 and who also went on to play for Walsall in 2001/02, was the first player signed by Sunderland for over £500,000?

Question 2...

Who became the first ever Sunderland goalkeeper to receive a red card when he was sent off during a 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace in April 2004?

Question 3...

Sunderland defeated Fulham 1-0 at the Stadium of Light on the 16th December 2017 to record their first league home win in almost a year, who were the opponents for Sunderland’s prior league home victory on the 17th December 2016?

Kenwynne Jones celebrating a goal, but did he score more than Steven Fletcher and Kevin Kyle?

Question 4...

Who missed a penalty for Sunderland during the Milk Cup final during the defeat by Norwich City at Wembley in 1985?

Question 5...

Which of the following players scored the most goals for Sunderland?

A. Steven Fletcher (2012-2016)

B. Kenwynne Jones (2007-2010)

C. Kevin Kyle (1999-2006)

Question 6...

Which ex-Barnsley midfielder, signed by Mick Buxton for Sunderland from Leicester City for £250,000 in January 1995, made over 70 appearances for Sunderland before leaving to sign for York City in 1998?

Who missed a penalty in the final to allow this smugness to happen?

Question 7...

Who were the opponents when Sunderland suffered their last ever defeat at Roker Park?

Question 8...

From which French club did Sunderland sign Lamine Kone for a reported fee of £6 million in January 2016?

Question 9...

How many times have Sunderland participated in the FA Charity Shield?

And Finally - Question 10...

Which players scored Sunderland’s four goals during the play-off final against Charlton Athletic that ended extra-time 4-4 and then ultimately ending in defeat on penalties in May 1998?



1) Don Goodman

2) Mart Poom

3) Watford – Sunderland 1-0 Watford, 17th December 2016

4) Clive Walker

5) B. Kenwynne Jones – 28 goals in 101 appearances

[Steven Fletcher – 23 goals in 108 appearances & Kevin Kyle – 19 goals in 109 appearances]

6) Steve Agnew

7) Southampton

8) FC Lorient

9) Once – Sunderland 2-1 Arsenal, Roker Park, 28th October 1936

[In 1973, Sunderland (FA Cup winners) & Liverpool (Division One champions) both chose not to compete, instead Burnley (Second Division champions) & Manchester City (FA Charity Shield holders) competed)

10) Niall Quinn (2), Kevin Phillips & Nicky Summerbee

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