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Fan Letters: Some Sunderland fans need to stop thinking about the Championship - not there yet!

Does it matter if a current Sunderland player isn’t good enough to play in the Championship when we aren’t anywhere near the second tier yet? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition!

Danny Roberts | Roker Report

Dear Roker Report,

Over the recent winter transfer window, some Sunderland fans have been ridiculously negative.

I get it, we left it late, but we’ve got deals done, saw a ‘mini-saga’ come to an end in Josh Maja and, rightfully so, loaned out some of the younger lads to help them bag some vital first team minutes.

Like many, I spent most of my evening refreshing my Twitter timeline, cycling between RR, SAFC, and Keith Downie’s profile to find out any updates.

Seeing the multiple bids for Will Grigg, being linked with almost every striker from the teams around us, it was nervy, I’ll admit, but I’m a sucker for Deadline Day, so I found a bit exciting at the same time.

When it was announced that Kazaiah Sterling joined us, the number of pessimistic replies was really sad to see and it annoyed me. Already the kid was getting criticism because he was a name, myself included, that no-one had really heard of and it wasn’t a ‘headline’ signing.

Basically, some fans we complaining about not signing a striker, rightly so after the departure of Maja, then, when we did sign a striker, they complained about that…

I think folk need a reality check, still. We’re in League One, we’re literally starting from scratch, we’re no longer in a position or status to attract the ‘big names’ yet we’re expected to operate like a Manchester City or Barcelona and that’s simply going to happen at this time.

Am I overthinking or being a bit ‘over dramatic’ with this?

Michael Briggs

Ed’s Note [Gav]: It’s difficult to stomach when you see some of the overreaction, particularly from supporters during games or before the business was even over with on deadline day, but I suppose that’s what happens when passionate people start to panic. It’s natural.

It was a struggle hearing Stewart Donald on our Podcast earlier this week talk about receiving abuse, slander and lies during the transfer window from my fellow Sunderland fans on social media. That is just not on. Hopefully this transfer window will teach people that not only should they be patient, but they should also have faith, safe in the knowledge that our owners aren’t just sitting on their hands and withholding funds.

Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

I’m a Swedish fan so pardon my somewhat limited English!

First I’d like to say that, in my view, the new manager is very fast gaining my respect. He is level-headed, bright and a very good tactician. Charlie Methven also strikes me as cool, collected and level-headed - the bad cop to Donald’s more charismatic personality.

What I find a bit disturbing is that Stewart Donald from the word go - or first press conference - had to brag about the size of our budget!

I wouldn’t be surprised if that very smug comment is one of the reasons that Wigan played cat and mouse with us during the Grigg negotiations.

Grigg is a player who didn’t cut it with Wigan, is he really worth that kind of money?

He has a good track record in League One but aren’t we aiming for The Championship....

Steve The Swede

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I think it goes without saying that Stewart Donald made mistakes during the transfer window, but it goes without saying that the club delivered in terms of strengthening our squad. We’ve made five new additions and all of them improve us - we have to be over the moon with that.

Your opinion on Grigg is one that I honestly think we need to get away from. We aren’t in the Championship yet! Grigg has been signed to score goals in League One - we can worry about what happens after when it’s necessary. That said, he scored four goals in ten Championship starts this season, so I’d suggest that he’s more than good enough to play in the league above.

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