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You might have noticed that we’ve changed a few things around with the Roker Rapport Podcast...

You might have noticed that we’ve given the Roker Rapport Podcast a bit of a face lift recently - so we thought “why not start a Twitter account and flood everyone’s timelines with even more inane drivel?” Follow us - @RokerRapportPod!

Danny Roberts

You might have noticed that a few things have changed around here with regards to the Roker Rapport Podcast.

As we announced on Monday, our much-loved host Connor Bromley has moved on to bigger and, well, quite frankly bigger things as he’s joined the Sunderland AFC media team - and, as such, there’s a new crew in place to take over the reigns, and carry on the fantastic work already done since the summer when Connor became the face of the show.

Lead host Alex McCain (@AM_RokerRapport) will be ably assisted going forward by Josh Wilkinson (@JoshWilkinson__) and Jonny Goldsmith (@JonnyGoldsmith2) as they bring all the fantastic interviews, post-match reaction and more each and every week to the Roker Rapport Podcast.

And, as always, we’ve got Graham Falk (@GF_RokerReport) - the host of the Roker Rapport Xtra Podcast since 2017 - who also of course is the man who interviews most of the ex-players that you hear and have heard on our show for some time now.

Now we have a Twitter account specifically for the Podcast team - please give us a follow, we’re @RokerRapportPod.

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