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Roker Rapport Xtra Podcast: Sunderland v Accrington preview w/ Josh from Raw Milk Fanzine!

Sunderland take on Accrington tonight - and joining us to preview the game is Josh from Raw Milk Fanzine. You can listen for free on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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What are we talking about?

  • Accrington’s recent form; They haven’t scored in 6 league games - what’s the problem?
  • Jimmy Dunne; How are we finding him so far, and how important was he to Stanley last season?
  • How far can Stanley go following their rise from non league?
  • Which players are they worried about? Could there be a return for The King?
  • Thoughts on the reverse fixture, getting soaked on the terraces and having to dry off in a Subway in Blackburn...

And much more.. Listen in!

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