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Fan Letters: Would the Pearson & Phillips combo get Sunderland moving in the right direction?

Some Sunderland fans still pine for a change of manager, with Nigel Pearson & Kevin Phillips the most fancied and obvious choice, but is Phil Parkinson going anywhere anytime soon? Email us:!

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Dear Roker Report,

I really, REALLY hoped that Parkinson would be shown the door before December but it looks like Donald is too proud to admit he messed this up, at least for now. I confess I have lost quite a bit of respect for the man due to his inability to admit he was wrong and rectify his mistake. Parkinson simply has to go and as quickly as possible. The longer we wait, the more this is going to cost us.

At this moment in time I’m in the odd position of not wanting the club to spend a single penny in January because I see no point. There’s no point bringing in players for Parkinson as he won’t be around long enough for it to matter and to play his brand of turgid football we’d need to change a lot of the team and we can’t afford to do that.

There’s also no point in spending money in January until we have established a clear strategy and style of play. We’ve done everything the wrong way around and that’s why we’re in this mess. When Donald took over, the first thing he should have done was recruit a good football brain onto the Board and established the sort of Sunderland he wanted to see. From that point he should then have recruited the manager and players and recruitment team to implement that philosophy. He didn’t!

Instead, he had a vague idea of the Dortmund model, put a good manager in place and then completely failed to offer any sort of cohesive support. He also put a recruitment team in place that isn’t fit for purpose and that is partly because he insisted on appointing his mate, Hill.

What all this means is that we have a new manager who is totally unsuited to the players we already have and the club has no sense of cohesion. The players themselves are all over the place so we don’t have enough defenders but we do have too many midfielders, too many of which are very similar.

We’re in a complete mess and this has been coming since Day 1 of Donald’s ownership because he failed to adopt a clear strategy. I’m all for investing in the playing squad but I don’t want us to waste the money we don’t have, which is exactly what we will keep doing until the correct strategies and structures are in place. Please act Mr Donald. You can start by sacking Parkinson because his is NOT the sort of football we want and he’s already lost the dressing room anyway but before you replace him, get the right structures and philosophies in place.

Andrew White

Ed’s Note [Gav]: The problem with waiting around for Parkinson to be sacked is that the signs suggest he’s going nowhere. We’ve just hired a new first-team coach, Andrew Taylor, which to me says that the manager’s position isn’t even under consideration - you wouldn’t hand another hefty contract out to one of his backroom team if you were thinking about getting rid.

We’re a mess. Hindsight is wonderful and all that, but what we should have done is sack Jack Ross after we failed to get promoted, hired a Director of Football and let them bring in a head coach that we can build with.

The takeover situation meant the owners lost focus slightly and I feel that now we’re seeing the result of what happened - we’re facing an uphill battle to gain promotion.

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Dear Roker Report,

They should have given it [the manager’s job] to Nigel Pearson and Kevin Phillips. Pearson commands dressing room respect, and Phillips is a hero who would have 35000 turning up on the gate.

Phil Averre

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I’d snap your hand off for them.

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