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Fan Letters: “Where is Juan Sartori?”

“Where is Juan Sartori? Why is he suddenly invisible?” asks RR reader Colin, who ponders all off the current issues plaguing the club on and off the field. Got something to say? Email us:!

Sunderland v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Having watched my beloved Sunderland AFC since March 1964 it’s with deep sadness I witness the current plight.

We have a chairman who bought the club hoping to do it up and make a substantial profit. However it’s riddled with rot from top to bottom and given the current plight has no chance of making the profit he’d hoped for. The appointment of Parkinson was the worst managerial appointment in the club’s history. It’s even worse than Wilkinson or Macmenemy.

If we are to rise from the ashes Parkinson must be sacked immediately and someone who knows the club, it’s supporters, and can do the job appointed. Phillips is the obvious choice.

I’m away to Doncaster tomorrow and even if by some miracle we win I will still be pessimistic until Parkinson is sacked.

Sunderland till I die

Jack Geldart

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Stewart maintained he wanted to build the club up and be along for the ride but it’s pretty clear that he’s in over his head. I don’t dislike the man as a person but for the club’s sake I hope he makes some big decisions, and soon. He needs to find a buyer and move on.

Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Alex Dodd - CameraSport via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I was a season ticket holder for 36 years, first in the Main Stand at Roker Park, then in the Premier Concourse from opening.

I gave it up when Moyes was appointed. I have been back since, but I have no intention of ever buying a season ticket again.

This man Donald is clueless. His background is in non-league or a club with equally low expectations. He is quite clearly out of his depth. Did Charlie Methven realise that Donald is a loser and decided to wash his hands of him?

Where is Juan Sartori? Why is he suddenly invisible? Does he think the same as Methven?

Parkinson is so obviously not the man for the job, but Donald appointed him with a long-term contract. My reading of the situation is that Parkinson convinced Donald that he needs to work to a 3-year plan. Year one: deconstruct the previous failed ensemble and root out the deadwood. Year two: transition with the existing players worth keeping, added to with astute signings. Year three: storm the division!!

Does Donald actually believe this? Does he really believe that this is a good business model?

I remember Syd Collings (remember him) in an off-guarded moment saying that he would rather we were pushing for promotion every year and just missing out, rather than getting promotion and languishing in the top division as the crowds would be better if we were just missing out on promotion year on year.

Is history repeating itself?

Are we being taken as cash cow mugs again?

Where do we go from here?

It is clear that we need an inspirational manager and not a moribund manager with a moribund 3-year plan.

We need and deserve success, however limited in the short term. We MUST get out of this division this season before we become a fixture.

I know that there will be detractors, but could we actually do any worse than Keano?

I know and understand all of the negative arguments, but we need instant energy, instead of the turgid fare that is currently on offer. Roy Keane has both his faults and his limitations, but his very presence would (I am certain) galvanise the players, and if anyone could get the best out of them, he would be my bet.

Finally, has anyone ever been in a job where things just didn’t click? I know that I have, and before anyone cites Ipswich, maybe it was the same there for Roy?

Who knows?

For Heaven’s sake give him a go.

Like I said, can things be any worse?

Colin Harrison

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I’d also like to know where Juan is. They keep telling us he’s going to be more involved but in the same breath he’s on Twitter promoting his political career - I’m not convinced he cares all that much, in truth, and that he’d happily sell up if a decent offer came up. Re: Keano - I was told he’s seen as hard to work with. He’s not a yes man, and he’d give the owners a hard time. He wouldn’t be entertained, rightly or wrongly.

Sunderland v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

With all furore over how terrible and bleak things seem to be around the club at the moment, everyone seems to have forgotten about this silver lining:

The investment loan made to Donald by the Dell Consortium.

The terms of the deal were simple: The Dell Consortium invested 10 million pounds into the club in the form of a loan to be used for infrastructure maintenance and recruitment. The collateral used to secure the investment loan? The Stadium of Light and Academy of Light. All Donald has to do is default on this loan ONCE and he effectively loses the club.

Why did the Americans make this kind of deal? They knew that there was a good chance Donald couldn’t hold up his end of the bargain. This will give them supreme leverage in future takeover talks, being owners of the entirety of the club’s infrastructure. Or even more shrewdly, to be able to take over the club completely and at minimal additional cost to themselves if/when Donald has to take the club into administration.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll have to go through a lot of pain and frustration to get there, but it’ll be worth it. Especially if some patience and restraint is shown. Before you lead everyone on a grand crusade, please remember this forgotten, but significant bit of information and to let things play out.

Thank you and have a good day!


Ed’s Note [Gav]: Hopefully it never comes to that. Stewart has said repeatedly that there have been a tonne of offers from potential buyers - for the good of the club he has to explore whatever options are on the table, with FPP hopefully top of the pile.

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