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Has he been sacked yet?

“This is a situation which is immeasurably worse than when Jack Ross was sacked - so why hasn’t Parkinson gone?” asks James Thompson.

Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Alex Dodd - CameraSport via Getty Images

To Stewart and Juan...

Don’t reinforce failure. You must see this for what it is. Do not underestimate how bad this could get. This is a situation where relegation is something the club should be very worried about. It is impossible to see where the next win is coming from. Phil Parkinson must be sacked, he must be sacked yesterday. Have you done it yet? How about now?

The man has no idea, plan or direction. Do it now before it is too late. Things will not get better. You cannot give a four-year old a piano and expect them to play Mozart.

Talk of promotion is not only arrogant, it is embarrassing. Why? Just look at what’s happening on the pitch. God gave you eyes, didn’t he? The style of football is ill-suited to the players Parkinson has in order to achieve victories, let alone get out of the division.

He stressed the point when he took over that he was not wedded to one style of play - this was and is clearly a porky pie - unless of course he meant that his two styles are “long ball” and “really long ball +++”.

Just what on earth did he say to you at interview which made you give him the job? I’m beginning to think it was something along the lines of “I’ll do this job for free lads”.

These aimless punts forward are the hallmark of a side which does not know how to play anything else but base level football following instruction from their manager. Actually, it turns out we’re pretty rubbish at playing long balls. The sum total of this style of play is three smashed seats, a cracked advertising hoarding, and a grandma in row 11 with a broken nose. The only time the team actually played on the deck was in the build up to guess what? The equaliser against Blackpool. Coincidence much?

Are you good at maths, Stewart? Here’s something I worked out earlier: In the 24 games remaining, the club will arguably need 15 wins, possibly more, to simply get into the play-offs. Considering what has gone before there is more chance David Moyes will be given the freedom of the City of Sunderland. It is a laughable prospect given that the club will realistically play another four or five games before even one player comes in to try to stem the tide. So, 15 wins from 20 games minimum. That’s 75%. Three quarters. Do I not like those stats.

Lets discuss Mr Parkinsons record:

It means nothing. Not if current team performance isn’t up to scratch, which it obviously is not. Furthermore, his record in the Championship is poor at best - two relegations - but it is pointless even debating this, because he will never, ever manage this club at that level. Time should only be given to managers who look like they will be able to turn things around. Therefore, it is unacceptable to wait for January and give someone a chance to fix what he has broken, as the club has regressed at an alarming rate. What he has achieved is remarkable: Home defeats, winless runs, failure to create chances, failing to score at home, no shots on target, the admission the players gave up against Burton, the psychedelic tactics, the pathetic substitutions and the failure to address the media post-Blackpool means he’s racked up quite a charge sheet. The man has stuck a fork in the toaster, the sparks are flying, and you, Stewy boy, have refused to release your grip.

This isn’t even taking into account the quality of recruitment in the last three windows we have been in League One. Why you are putting your eggs in the basket marked “possible transfer success” despite the fact that Coton et all couldn’t be trusted to successfully buy a pint of milk down the corner shop? “Tony, did you pick up that midfielder we needed?” “Oh... er sorry lads”. Lord knows why you all think this will be some sort of golden bullet for Parkinson. “Don’t worry everyone, once we get a few frees, a loan and our seventeenth choice striker in, it’ll be okay.” If you believe January will change things, then you’re plugged in to the moon.

This is a situation which is immeasurably worse than when Jack Ross was sacked - so why hasn’t Parkinson gone? Being sacked for losing at Lincoln and what went before is far less a crime than what Parkinson has overseen. The only conclusion in reality is there’s an underlying reason why you have not sacked him.

A lot of the goings-on at the club over the last few months has been explained away in a bout of lexical chicanery that Charlie would be proud of; however the fact remains though that Parkinson or no Parkinson, something smells pretty funny around SR5. And it’s not just a collective case of the brown trousers among the support.

The theory that managers need time is true - but only if they show any ability to turn it around. Phil was wrong at the start, got worse, and now must must must go. I’ll repeat - he cannot, must not ever, ever, ever be given a bean to spend in a transfer window. Let me say it clearer. DO NOT GIVE HIM MY MONEY STEW. Giving him the transfer window would be okay if he had managed to tread water until then, but he is the dead weight dragging this club into the depths. The only money he should be given is a payoff, which hopefully will be nothing more than a bus ticket back to Chorley or wherever he lives these days.

Stewart you may think you know best, other managers may leap to Parkinson’s defence, and the man himself will say his record stands up. Therefore by that token, the fans must be wrong; but as the saying goes, you meet an arsehole in the morning, he’s an arsehole. You meet arseholes all day... you’re the arsehole. Stewart you could meet fans all day and you would hear the same thing over and over again, and you need to think hard on that.

The fans are not wrong. We’ve seen this movie before and the ending is shitty.

Sack Parkinson, sack him now.

Done it yet?

How about now?

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