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Fan Letters: Readers suggest Roy Keane’s return as a perfect tonic to Sunderland’s woes

Both Steve and Lee suggest a Roy Keane return as being exactly what Sunderland need to get back moving in the right direction. Got something to say? Email us:!

Dear Roker Report,

Hi Gav and Team. Thanks for airing my last email and thanks to all those like-minded supporters who responded so positively (88% in favour of bringing RK back last time I looked). Can I just pick up on your footnote to my last email, where you said, “I don’t think that there are many club owners who would want the headache of working with Keane and would prefer instead to take a safe option. I suspect that’s why Roy has not held a management job in almost nine years.”Isn’t that a perfect example of the problem at Sunderland? Not only doing things on the cheap but taking the easy option? I’m sure PP is a nice guy, but is that what we need? NO!! The best times I can remember in my 60yrs of supporting SAFC have been under big characters. Apart from the 73 cup winning team, Peter Reed took us up and finished in 7th place in the Premier League two years running. Roy Keane took us up with the highest points ever, only to be undermined by a new owner. And is course, Big Sam kept us up and would have taken us forward if not for being poached then shafted by the FA. All three amongst the biggest characters in the game, one of which is still available, looking for a new management role, and has unfinished business with SAFC.Stewart Donald and Co need to think bigger. There’s no one in the game likely to cause bigger headaches than Jose Mourinho, but do they imagine for one minute that David Levvy etc would have been put off by that? Big clubs need big characters. Be brave. Get RK in before it’s really too late.One last point, reaching out to my fellow supporters, how can we get past a few moaning emails and turn this into real action??I’m off for a lie down now. Thanks.

Steve Dryden

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Steve, the point you make about this club needing a big personality to steer it to success is something I entirely agree with. Reid, Keane, and Allardyce were all fantastic managers who found success here largely down to their ability to inspire everyone linked to the club with their passion and mammoth personalities. How Sunderland lure someone like that back to the club? Not entirely sure, mate.

Dear Roker Report,

Sunderland need discipline and focus - who better to bring it than the Manchester Legend?

This bloke is the real deal. No C#$p... No Bo£€=÷ks... Just football, pure and simple.

He gets my vote all day.

The Clowns down there now need a serious shake up and ship out.

Ha’way Keano!

Lee Blackett

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Lee, whilst I think Keane could well be the kind of manager needed to bring success back to the club. However, as much as I loved Keane’s time as our gaffer, his subsequent appointments saw him struggle - especially at Ipswich. Would he still be worth the gamble? Quite possibly. Sunderland thrive with manager’s who have big personalities and exude confidence... Keane has both in ample supply.

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