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Fan Letters: “The Blackpool game is massive - is Sunderland’s season over if we lose?”

RR reader Mark Wild fears that a loss today for Sunderland against Blackpool will signal ‘the end’ of our season. Do you agree that another defeat will signal the end of any promotion bid? Email us:!

Sunderland v Gillingham - FA Cup Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Just when you think things could not get any worse low and behold they do.

What on earth are we doing getting rid of our only quality player? Parkinson will sign Gary O’Neill to replace him, mark my words. Parkinson is just Donald’s puppet - get rid of McGeady, save money, replace with sh*te and make Grigg the mainstay of the team because Donald wasted 3 million on him.

The Blackpool game is massive - is Sunderland’s season over if we lose?

I said weeks ago he has already lost the players - we are now in a worse position now than when Ross was in charge. Mr Donald, put your hand up - you have dropped a big boll*ck with the appointment of Parkinson, why would you appoint a manager with his style of play when we have not got the players adapt to it?

When Ross took over he did not even have 11 players to start the season and last season he turned it around and now we have gone backwards. Last week we played for a draw at Gillingham for God’s sake - Parkinson has not got a clue you set your team up to win not draw the mans tactics are stone age. I think with his tactics we will be lucky to win another game this season. Please do let this man stay for the January or we are DOOMED.

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Gav]: There’s no understating how big Saturday’s game actually is. If we win, convincingly, without McGeady and with the return of Gooch and Wyke then it will give Parkinson breathing space. Another loss and the supporters will quite rightly be up in arms.

I don’t think it matters what happens when it comes to his future. It’s our last game until Christmas and it definitely feels like they’re treading water until the transfer window opens.

Sunderland v Coventry City - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Your criticism of two SAFC players having a burger is so far over the top - you would think we had nothing else to worry about. The only thing they did wrong was to do it publicly and to be photographed.

If you think all footballers are eating a perfect diet you are very naive. I was out in Newcastle last week and saw two mag players drinking bottles of lager. So what?

Worry about something more important.

Keith Mordey

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Please note that when we post something it only represents the views of the author rather than every contributor. I personally didn’t care that much about them eating a MacDonalds but I certainly understand the frustrations of the author, who thinks it points to a wider issue around professionalism (or lack thereof).

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