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Roker Riches: Sunderland are just over evens to beat a confident Blackpool side - will we do it?

Despite the fact that Sunderland are in rotten form and Blackpool have just won their local derby, the bookies are backing the Lads to get an overdue win. Will they do it?

Danny Roberts

The State of Play

Only one real winner last week - and it was a big one. Rory Fallow made £100 profit which puts him nicely ahead of Matty Crichton into fourth place. He’ll be hoping for another big win which will kick him into contention for the top spot. Danny Roberts made no money but did win a bet - he lost £15 and won £15, so remains in third place, a way off the lads ahead of him but also has a bit of a buffer between himself and Rory.

The Table - Week #18

Banker’s Bonus...

Sunderland didn’t win (again) - another happy banker.

This week’s bonus: If Sunderland avoid losing to Blackpool, the banker will give everyone a fiver free bet next week to be used on the Bundesliga.

This week’s picks!

Gav is going with...

Blackpool to win & BTTS: Hopefully I’m wrong and Sunderland win - I’m doing this for some reverse fortune-type bollocks. Let’s see if it works... £10 returns £70.

Fourfold: Hearts, Plymouth, Wycombe and Stoke all the win. Ha’way... £10 returns £150.

Danny Roberts is going with...

Sunderland to lose: With the Parky party in full swing, it seems a shame for it stop now. £5 returns £19.

Fourfold: Leicester, Stoke, Lincoln and Swindon all to pick up home wins. £10 reurns £71.77.

Paul Fletcher is going with...

Sunderland to lose 5-0: How many times have we used the term ‘new low’ in the past two months? Too many - that’s for sure. But I’m predicting one more. We’re snowballing down a massive hill and I don’t think we’ve crashed at the bottom just yet. If we concede early on Saturday, heads will drop on the field, heads will explode off the field and it could get very, very messy... £5 returns £1755.

Spanish Fivefold: Barcelona, Ath Bilbao, Ath Madrid, Getafe and Sevilla are all favourites to win their fixtures this weekend. Fingers crossed for no major upsets. £7.50 returns £81.01.

Graham Falk is going with...

Sunderland and Blackpool BTTS: We look more dangerous with Charles Wyke, but our defence is still shaky. £10 returns £19.50

Liverpool, Leipzig and Peterborough to win: Two favourites with my old faithfuls Leipzig thrown in. £10 returns £23.28.

Matthew Crichton is going with...

Charlie Wyke first goal and Sunderland to win 2-1: Phil Parkinson has made it perfectly clear that Wyke will be the main man in his Sunderland attack. I am expecting plenty of crosses and he is due a goal! £10 returns £410.

EFL Treble: After consecutive weeks of losing I am returning to the method that delivered success - West Brom, Rotherham and Plymouth to win on Saturday. £10 returns £46.51.

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