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Today is the last day before our fundraiser for the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen and Sunderland Foodbank ends. Ha’way people - please give generously and help to end hunger poverty on Wearside this Christmas!

Roker Report

Christmas is one of the toughest times of the year for lots of people. Whilst many families over-indulge during the festive period, others struggle to put even the most basic meal on the table to feed their family - a harrowing reality of where Britain is at in 2019.

At the heart of Football is community, and at the heart of community are good people willing to dedicate their time and money to supporting those in need. No one wants to rely on food banks or soup kitchens to feed their children, but while we may feel powerless to fight the institution that has caused his hardship, we can fight to bring a modicum of security to the most vulnerable by giving a few spare coins or an hour of our time over to a cause like this. Where people would otherwise face malnourishment, food banks are the flickering flame of a beacon in an otherwise dark night.

The people at the Sunderland Foodbank and the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen do an amazing job of ensuring that families and homeless people all over Wearside don’t go without - but unless people assist with their kind donations, none of it is possible.

Whatever you can give, it all helps.

We have chosen this year to support the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen and the Sunderland Foodbank, with all donations going to the two organisations. Please give generously - support your local community at this difficult time.

After today is over we will proceed with distributing the funds to the two charities, who will use the money this Christmas to feed the hungry and homeless in Sunderland. Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen feed people seven days a week and will now be able to buy pallets of fresh produce to cook with, whilst the foodbank will be able to use the money to produce emergency three day food parcels.

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